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Why Lana Pods Use Nicotine Salts

2022-11-05 14:27:51

Greater Nicotine Levels: Reportedly, the greater nicotine levels and also instant rush you get from nicotine salts help immensely with quitting cigarettes. Some might argue that nicotine salts better combat the craving. If nicotine delivery is your vaping goal, nicotine salts enable you to vape with greater nicotine degrees up to 50 mg. Readily available standard e-liquids on the other hand usually max out at around 12 mg, restricting the level of nicotine delivery. Individuals that are transitioning from cigarette smoking to vaping usually find the higher nicotine levels of vape juice to be a lot more rewarding


User-Friendly Device — The reduced power level devices recommended for vaping nicotine salts are easy to use as well. Lana pod are the recommended tool.


Smoother Hit: Those who choose to vape at higher nicotine degrees typically like nicotine salts given that they are much smoother than conventional e-liquids (at the same nicotine level). Vaping freebase nicotine liquids at high degrees often bring about a self-important as well as unpleasant harshness that may spoil the vaping experience. Because nicotine salts vapes are smooth with less bite, vapors with a choice for higher degrees agree agree that salts are a lot more enjoyable. Something that keeps people from switching from cigarettes to vaping is the harshness of routine e-liquids at greater nicotine levels. Due to the nicotine salt usage being practically completely separated to reduced wattage devices, the result is a smoother throat hit no matter the nicotine level.


More Lana Pods Flavors: E-liquid flavors can be greatly influenced by the taste of freebase nicotine. Nicotine salts, on the other hand, allow vapors to appreciate a far better flavour that is more accurate to what the supplier meant.


Use Less Liquid: Nicotine salts are made for low-wattage devices. Because of their biochemistry, these salts often tend to leave vapors much more satisfied and for a longer period. Those who utilize nicotine salts often tend to vape less, and also, as a result, they save money since their e-juice bottles last much longer! Because of the high nicotine degrees and far better absorption, you will certainly not need to consume as much e-juice. Much less vapour produced is needed and also can be a large plus for a person that is trying an extra low-budget tool that works much better for your nicotine contentment.


Satisfaction — Vapors that began their trip with freebase blends have frequently discovered that it is challenging to obtain the same satisfaction from their nicotine. Nicotine salt mixes solve that problem thanks to the chemical process behind the growth. The outcome is a higher focus of nicotine delivered in Lana Kit with a reduced power needed. This kit allows you to produce cool air similar to that created from a cigarette.

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