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Why Dose Disposable Vape Taste Better

2023-12-22 09:56:32

The disposable vape boom has dominated the vaping industry for the past 10 years. Their popularity can be attributed to a number of factors, top of the list is their sheer convenience; to be able to buy a vape and use it straight out the box with no prior experience and no upkeep is a big plus for any smoker looking to make the switch who is unfamiliar with the world of vaping.

Now, increasingly, there is a view that disposable vapes also taste much better than refillable vape kits. Their flavours seem to be more concentrated and authentic, so in this article we are going to find out just what goes into making disposable vapes and if there is actually a difference.


All e-liquid contain flavourings and sweeteners. When the sweeteners are vaped, they gradually stick to the coil which eventually will cause a deterioration in flavour. To ensure the lifespan of a user’s coil in a refillable vape kit, which can be upwards of 10 days, e-liquid manufacturers have to be mindful of how much sweetener they use in their bottled e-liquids.

Disposable manufacturers on the other hand don’t have that consideration as the coil only needs to last as long as the 2ml of e-liquid in the device, which is approximately 500-600 puffs or roughly a day's worth of regular use. This means that they can make the e-liquid in their disposable vapes sweeter as the liquid will run out before the coil begins to deteriorate.

Pre-soaked cotton wicks

Disposable vapes are pre-filled with e-liquid at the time of manufacture and can sit in storage or transit for potentially months, meaning that the cotton in the coil has had ample time to soak up all the e-liquid by the time you purchase and use the device.

To achieve this with refillable vape kits, the coil in the pod or tank is primed by adding a few drops to the exposed cotton on the coil and then filling the pod or tank and waiting upwards of 10 minutes to allow the e-liquid to completely saturate the cotton. This ensures effective vaping of e-liquid when the coil is heated which delivers excellent flavour and prevents dry hits which can occur when the cotton is not entirely saturated.

Nic Salts

Disposable vapes make use of nicotine salts which have a lower pH and offer a smoother and more flavourful vaping experience as opposed to the traditional freebase e-liquid used with refillable vape kits, which is much harsher on the throat. However, nic salts are not restricted to disposables and there is a vast range of flavours and nicotine strength options available for refillable vape kits.

Can you get great flavour with a refillable vape kit?

Disposable vapes are great for convenience but are very wasteful as you have to throw the entire device away when it’s done which, depending on use, can be every day. They are also not the most economical option and the cost of having to buy one every day can quickly build up.

There are now a wealth of top class brands releasing outstanding disposable bar flavour vape juices and with the right kit and e-liquid you can get the taste you are after at a much lower cost. As mentioned before, nic salts offer a smooth and flavourful vape experience and the liquids are available in 10ml bottles with your choice of 5mg, 10mg or 20mg nicotine strengths.

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