Why Choose Us

Why Choose Us


Our products have a high reputation in Southeast Asia and around the world

LANAVAPE founded in 2014 is a younger brand of Shenzhen YISHISHA Technology Co Limited, with market covering Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand, Australia and Philippines, ect. And we have gained good reputation from our stable and nice quality and the on-time after-sale service during in just 9 years.

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LANAVAPE is going global

There are several international exhibitions in any industry every year, which symbolizes that a new batch of blood will be injected into this industry. Going to an international exhibition requires meeting certain qualification requirements, but not all companies can participate in the international exhibition. All the e-cigarette companies listed above have a certain strength. 

The LANAVAPE brand is what local influencers has been looking for in Southeast Asia. A number of influencers were invited to try our products at the exhibition and they gave very high praise.

LANAVAPE's products displayed at the exhibition have been well received by users in various countries around the world for their variety of styles and excellent practicality.

The diversification of our LANAVAPE products received a lot of good remarks from almost all local e-cigarette enthusiasts at the exhibition.

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