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Why Are Disposable Vapes popular All Over The World?

2023-08-22 11:03:23

There’s a few reasons you might choose a disposable vape kit over a more conventional refillable option. The first and most obvious reason is that you’re a brand new vaper and 

you just want something easy to use that’ll give you a good nicotine hit to alleviate cravings. These kits really are designed for simplicity - with no need to top up juice levels,

 change pods or coils or recharge them, they have one job only and that’s to help you make the switch to vaping. With their higher nicotine levels and mouth to lung inhale that’s comparable to smoking, 

disposable kits are a great choice when you’re just starting out.

You may also be a vaper of convenience. Some people have a refillable device they normally use at home but if you’re out and about (or even prone to losing things on a night out)

 disposable vape kits are a great option for you too. They’re small enough to slip in your pocket and also mean you don’t need to take any vape juice with you either. 

Another added bonus is they’re affordable enough that if you did lose your disposable vape, it’s not expensive to replace. 

They’re also especially ideal for social smokers who tend to only have a few on the weekend and are trying to curb the habit.

What Causes Dry Heat

A dry hit is when you inhale on your vape and get a hot, vapourless and burnt taste. The key to understanding dry hits really comes from the difference between cigarettes and vape kits. 

When you’re smoking, your cigarette has a fairly limited number of puffs in it. This means you typically smoke faster to get the most out of it before it burns down.

 When you’re using a vape, even a small disposable kit will typically give you at least 400 puffs before it runs out.

When you vape too quickly, as you might a cigarette, you’ll be heating the e-liquid in the wicking material and inhaling it away very quickly. 

The coils inside disposable vape kits are very small compared to more advanced options which means that the cotton takes a little longer to resaturate between puffs. 

Essentially, you can pace yourself more with a vape but also need to be more aware of when you’ve satisfied that nicotine craving rather than just puffing for the sake of it. 

When you inhale too quickly without leaving much time between each puff, you can dry the cotton wicking out meaning there’s no juice to heat up before your next inhale. 

So, your battery heats the metal which makes the cotton hot. When there’s no vape juice to evaporate, the dry cotton gets a bit singed and gives you that dry, metallic taste when you inhale.

You can also get dry hits once your disposable kit is getting low on e-liquid. Keeping an eye on how much vape juice is left inside is a good idea.

 It may also help to store your disposable kit standing upright so the juice can adequately soak into the little spaces in the coil -

 this means you’ll not only get the most out of your disposable kit but it’ll also help you avoid any nasty dry hits.

When Should You Replace Your Disposable Vape Kit?

You’ll know when it’s time to chuck your current disposable kit by one of two things. First, you’ll notice your pod is empty and has run out of juice,

 meaning you’ll need a fresh one to avoid those dreaded dry hits. The other is if there’s still a little juice left but the battery is no longer activating when you inhale, 

it’s more than likely run out of power and - as they can’t be recharged - needs to be replaced.

Another important thing to remember with disposable kits is they’re mainly just designed to get you into vaping and off cigarettes (or to keep as a nifty little backup option). 

They’re a wonderful way to try vaping out as well as finding which nicotine strength suits you and to explore a variety of e-liquid flavours too.

 Each brand and model of disposable vape kit offers something a little different - from battery size to the kind of e-liquid, you’ve got a lot of options to explore even with these simple little devices.

 While they’re still a whole lot more affordable than cigarettes, ultimately if you’re sticking with vaping for a while you’ll be better off eventually switching to a kit that has replaceable or refillable pods.

 Once you’ve gotten used to the sensation of vaping, you’ll know what to expect from an e-cigarette and can better choose one that will suit your preferences.

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