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Which Type Vape Tanks Is The Best For Vape Beginner

2023-12-13 14:06:58

If you're a beginner to vaping you might have just started using starter kits, and the thought of wrapping your head around starter vape tanks might seem a little out of reach, but don't worry we are here to explain what they are and most importantly spill the beans on what the best beginner vape tanks are.

Beginner tanks, like beginner vape kits are exactly what they say on the tin, they were designed for beginners and are super easy to use, allowing beginners to use them easily.

There are a variety of different tank types out there, MTL tanks, Sub-ohm tanks and Rebuildable tanks.

Sub-ohm tanks are popular for advanced vapers and tend to have many features, and are much more fiddly. A sub-ohm tank also gives you the ability to vape at very high temperatures and wattages which can be overwhelming for new vapers, and sometimes harmful. The best sub-ohm tanks can be found here.

MTL tanks (mouth to lung) were designed for people that are used to a cigarette-like experience offering you a satisfying throat hit, and the ability to deliver e-liquid that has high nicotine contents. These tanks are usually aimed at beginners and people that want to quit smoking. The best MTL tanks can be found here.

Rebuildable tanks are designed for very advanced vapers that like to build their own coils.

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