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What You Should Know About Kids And Vaping

2023-11-02 14:20:59

“Many kids have the misconception that e-cigarettes are harmless, and only contain water vapor,” Timm said. “The liquid in e-cigarettes actually has a lot of nicotine

 (which can harm brain development), particles that are inhaled deeply into the lungs, cancer-causing chemicals, and heavy metals.”

Kids also often believe they can quit vaping at any time.“What we’re actually seeing is that 3 out of 4 students actually couldn’t quit, and become adult smokers,” Timm said. During CDC surveys, 

many kids have shared that they initially tried vaping out of curiosity, or to help deal with stress or anxiety. In 2022, almost 85% said they used flavored varieties of e-cigarettes.

Educating on the facts can make a big difference. To deter kids from trying e-cigarettes or other substances, parents should talk with their students not just about avoiding particular products, but also promote emotional wellbeing.

“So many kids are experiencing stress, and they begin to use nicotine products to help find temporary relief,” Timm said.

Having meaningful conversations with kids is really important. It may take time, or even multiple tries for difficult subjects, but it’s worth it. Families can also speak with a primary care provider about any concerns.

In 20223. nearly 30% of high school students reported to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) that they had used an e-cigarette, or "vaped.

Dr. Michael Yablick

Today, that number is likely higher, and students (including those in middle school or even younger) are beginning to use.

As families enter the new school year, it’s important to talk about the dangers of substance use and to create a safe space for future discussions.

“Research indicates that many young people who vape will eventually move on to using cigarettes or other tobacco products,” said Megan Timm, 

SSM Health Wisconsin Director of Community Health. “We want to make sure our kids never start these unhealthy habits in the first place.”

Smoking and e-cigarette use are both harmful to one’s health.

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