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What To Look Forward To in 2024 abut Vaping

2023-12-13 14:07:46

What To Look Forward To in 2024 abut Vaping

2023 is officially over, and 2024 has begun. Last year we saw a number of amazing new products, some interesting trends forming and some explosive news related to vaping.

In 2023 we witnessed the rise in disposable vape kits, the increase of pod tanks, we also saw some revolutionary feats in durability technology manufactured by some of the big named brands in vaping. Vape juice has also become much more advanced and cutting edge flavour combinations appeared.

Unfortunately, although we had some great advances, there was also some setbacks that came to light last year, and we saw the black-market production and sale of some illegal vaping products from some unregulated sources.

Despite that, some of the biggest vape industry news came from our beloved NHS, where the MHRA (Medicine and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency) passed a notion that meant that the NHS could start prescribing e-cigarette devices as part of a push to help people quit smoking. In addition, PHE also showed their support for vaping, publishing a report that backed vaping as the best nicotine replacement therapy. This fantastic news is certainly the step in the right direction for the industry as a whole, and proves that we've been saying for years - vaping is the best way for people to stop smoking.

Last year we saw some incredible strides for the vaping industry, and in 2022 we only expect the industry to grow, and to gain even more support.

We can never fully know for sure, but we're peering into our Crystal ball and looking ahead deep into the year, what should we expect? These are our predictions:

More Disposables

Brand Giant Advances

Heart & Lung Charity Support

Governmental Backing

An Impact from Brexit

Versatile Kits

Creative Flavours

More Disposables

It's no secret that we have seen the rise of disposable kits this year, and it is clear to see that the disposable vape kit has taken over the UK market, and beyond. Brands such as Lanavape and Old School Vape have made a massive impact on the nation with their huge range of pen-shaped disposables, which has helped a number of former smokers that have started vaping.

Disposables are great for new vapers as they are super easy to use, deliver high nicotine levels, and give you a satisfying throat hit that resembles cigarettes. But what can we expect from disposables this year?

Anything could happen in the world of disposables this year, its safe to say we'll likely see more diverse flavours, more e-juice brands and hardware brands that will create more advanced and creative kits, we might see some interesting new shapes. It's also possible that we could see kits with less plastic waste, and changes to nicotine strengths offering a wider range of options.

Big Brand Product Advances

Its inevitable vapes change with the natural advancements of technology, I'm not saying that we're going to see Zero gravity AI-powered devices, but there's no doubt that brands will be looking to create the best vape devices with incredible vaping technology and giving us a fantastic vaping experience at affordable prices.

We may see vape manufacturers start to increase the battery capacity even in smaller vaping devices as well as providing more user-friendly options and easier ways to change coils.

As disposable pods gain more popularity throughout the years, we may even see a decline in replaceable coils, and a lean more towards integrated coils.


Heart & Lung Charity Support

With the global coronavirus pandemic still in the front of our minds, and cigarette smoking putting a lot of strain on our NHS it will not be unlikely that the vaping industry will gain support from large reputable Charities and organisations such as the British heart foundation, British Lung Foundation, Cancer Research USA and the NHS.

Earlier this year, we have seen supporting reports from MHRA and PHE regarding e-cigarettes and vape products in helping smokers quit, so it would be no surprise if the support continues to increase from the wider medical community.


Governmental Backing

Vaping has a growth rate of 28.8% each year, and with the backing of many reputable sources, vaping is finally being recognised as the best support in helping people quit cigarette smoking.

The evidence has never been clearer, and with clear evidence and demand, often always comes governmental recognition. The proof is in the pudding, and with more and more people gaining the ability to put down tobacco products and start vaping, the UK government will likely acknowledge the potential vaping could have on the nation.


An Impact from Brexit

Brexit is and will always be unpredictable and those in or closely aligned to the vaping industry have seen a lot of changes in rules and regulations around shipping due to changes in trade laws. We may see further changes to trading which could mean a number of things.

Now that the UK has more control, it is possible rules could change surrounding vaping. This could mean changes to TPD regulations, nicotine strength of nicotine salts, the types of products available, shipping and tax costs, manufacturing locations and more.

At the moment only the future can tell what's in store and as it stands how Brexit will continue to affect the vaping industry is unfortunately up in the air.

Versatile Kits

It’s safe to say that we will be welcoming many new technologies in vaping this year, but how this will affect products will depend on how well advances are received.

Last year, we saw an increase in versatile kits, meaning kits that can do it all. Rather than specific MTL or DTL devices, we started to see a rise in RDL kits and adjustable airflow features, allowing you to choose whether you want a tight draw or a looser inhale. All this innovation is destined to develop over the year, and may even be taken to extremes, where you might be able to switch between a classic MTL experience to an extremely advanced DTL experience.

People want ease and simplicity, this could mean robust, fiddly tanks have taken a little bit of a backseat last year in comparison to previous years, and there has been a move towards pod systems that are easy to use, set up and maintain.

Fast charging is a desired feature, as people want to be spending less time charging and more time exploring. Both robust sub-ohm kits and vape pens will likely have fast charging USB-C ports.

Last year came close to giving us the perfect vape but I think 2022 will be the year where we see some of the most perfect kits - I can’t wait!

Creative Flavours

Vape e-liquid flavours have grown enormously throughout the years, we have seen older brands thrive and evolve, as well as new smaller brands really come into their own, giving us amazing mind-blowing flavours, that we never thought were possible, and I only expect the range of e-liquids to grow.

Nic salts were super popular last year, giving former smokers a great way to get a smooth vaping experience while delivering high nicotine contents. I doubt they'll be going anywhere this year, and we'll likely see super-popular shortfill e-liquid flavours created in nicotine salt form.

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