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What is the Highest Nicotine in Disposable Vape

2023-12-04 10:00:26

Nicotine strength in E-Liquids can often be confusing. If you’re new to vaping, you might be wondering: just how strong is 2% nicotine? Simply put, 2% nicotine content means that in a 10ml bottle of E-Liquid, there would be 200mg total nicotine. And in a disposable vape with 2ml of E-Liquid, this equates to a total of 40mg of nicotine. 

However, total nicotine content does not equate to nicotine strength. In both of these cases, the strength is still 2% nicotine, or 20mg.

Is 20mg of Nicotine 2%?

Yes, 20mg of nicotine is equivalent to 2% nicotine.

Nicotine concentration is typically measured in milligrams per millilitre (mg/ml), and 20mg of nicotine per millilitre equates to a 2% concentration. In other words, for every 1ml of E-Liquid, there is 20mg of nicotine.

Is 2% Nicotine a Lot in a Disposable Vape?

Whether 2% nicotine is considered “a lot” or “strong” can be subjective and will largely depend on your smoking habits and nicotine tolerance.

For heavy smokers, 2% nicotine might not feel as potent, whereas for light smokers or non-smokers, it might feel too strong. It’s crucial to understand your nicotine requirements when choosing a vape. Here at Vape Green, we offer a diverse range of both low and high nicotine vapes.

Which Vapes are 2% Nicotine?

Various vape products on the market contain 2% nicotine, including some disposable vapes and many nic salt E-Liquids (which is the type of vape juice found in a disposable vape). Generally speaking, the only place you won’t find 2% nicotine available is in freebase nicotine products, like 50/50 E-Liquids, which are only available in strengths up to 18mg (1.8% nicotine).

These 2% vapes and liquids are often sought after by smokers transitioning to vaping due to their high nicotine strength. 

A 1% nicotine strength is half as strong as 2% nicotine, meaning there would be 100mg of nicotine in a 10ml E-Liquid bottle, often labelled as 10mg/ml. This strength is typically recommended for light to moderate smokers looking to switch to vaping.

Is 10mg of Nicotine a Lot?

Whether 10mg of nicotine is a lot depends on your previous smoking habits and nicotine tolerance, though for most people who aren’t or weren’t heavy smokers, 10mg is the sweet spot.

For some people, especially heavy smokers, 1% nicotine may not be enough, while for others, it could be just right or even too much. It’s recommended to start with a lower nicotine strength if you’re unsure, then adjust as necessary.

You can also get a 0.5% nicotine strength, which equates to 5mg per ml. 

Is 6mg Nicotine Strong?

A 6mg nicotine strength is considered a medium level of nicotine and is commonly available in 50/50 E-Liquids. At 0.6% nicotine, it’s a popular choice for those who are moderate smokers or have successfully reduced their nicotine intake.

Is 3mg of Nicotine a Lot?

3mg nicotine strength is generally considered low and is in fact the lowest nicotine strength we stock (aside from 0mg). This strength is ideal for light smokers or vapers who have successfully weaned themselves off of higher strengths.

We recommend lowering your nicotine strength down to 3mg before switching to 0mg or quitting completely.

Vaping a 2% Nicotine E-Cigarette

What Nicotine Strength Should I Vape?

We cover this topic heavily in our other article: What Nicotine Strength Should I Buy? This detailed guide should help you better ascertain which strength to buy before making a purchase.

The nicotine strength you should vape largely depends on your current or previous smoking habits. For heavy smokers, 2% nicotine would be appropriate, while light smokers might be more comfortable with 1% nicotine or lower.

How Much Nicotine is in a Vape?

The amount of nicotine in a vape depends on the nicotine strength of the E-Liquid you choose. This can range from nicotine-free up to the UK limit of 20mg/ml or 2%.

You will find the nicotine content of any disposable vape or E-Liquid clearly displayed on the category and product pages on our website, as pictured.

If you’re ever in any doubt, feel free to reach out and contact our support for more information.

Nic Strengths on VapeGreen Website


Understanding nicotine strength in E-Liquids is key to finding a satisfying vape experience that suits your personal needs. Whether you prefer 1% nicotine, 2% nicotine, nicotine-free options, or anything in between,  we offer a wide array of E-Liquids to cater to every vaper’s needs!

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