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What is the different battery for vape?

2023-04-17 09:52:57

Vaping Glossary


510 / eGo adapter

A screw in adapter that changes the threading from 510 to the eGo thread.

510 Thread

The threading at the top of the mod or battery which the tank screws into.

510 - Drip Tip

A mouthpiece for use with any 510 sized tank.

810 Drip Tip

A mouthpiece for use with any 810 sized tank.

18350 Battery

A small battery normally with up to 800 mAh for use with 18350 mods.

18490/18500 Battery

A medium sized battery normally with up to 1300mAh for use with mods that require an 18500 battery.

18650 Battery

The most commonly used vaping battery in the vaping market.

20700 Battery

A slightly larger sized battery than the 18650. Can hold up to double the amount of mAh and for use in mods that accommodate 20700 batteries.

26650 Battery

A larger battery for use in mods that can accomodate 26650 batteries.

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