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What is The Detailed Difference Between MTL and DTL For Vape

2023-11-30 10:58:27

There are many Type Vapes All over the world, but not everyone knows well about vaping, especially beginners. 

Don't worry, in the following, we'll detail the two main styles of vaping. A mod pod kit and a vape mod kit will also be mentioned in passing as typical devices of both styles. 

So after reading the article, you will have a comprehensive understanding of vaping.

The first vaping style is mouth-to-lung (MTL). My favorite device for this style is the Vapefly Galaxies MTL RDTA. When doing MTL vaping, you inhale the vapor into mouth and let will hover for a moment before pulling down into the lungs. This should be easy for any former smoker to master because it's the most used trick used when smoking cigarettes.

Normally, newer vapers prefer this style as it is very similar to cigarette smoking. Besides simulating the action of smoking, the overall sensation comes remarkably close. The burning or tingling in your throat (throat hit) is subtle, creating a smoother sensation when compared to the much harsher (and less authentic) direct-to-lung method.

Well, the other style is direct-to-lung (DTL). In my opinion, the best device for this style is the top lana mini. MTL vaping is all about inhaling the vapor straight into your lungs. In fact. it is no different from a normal breath. For recent ex-smokers, DTL vaping might be counter-intuitive if they're trying to simulate the sensation of smoking. You'd better avoid this vaping style until you become more familiar with vaping if you're one of them.

Differing from MTL, DTL vaping is pretty intense. And a throat hit may be the farthest thing from smooth depending on the nicotine concentration of the e liquid. Recall the first time you smoked a cigarette and almost coughed up a lung. After a time, you were less sensitive and able to smoke comfortably. When it comes to vaping, the situation is the same.


Both of the vaping styles have their own characteristics but work best with specific e-juice and device. Most vapers use one style or the other by default. However, 

if you don't feel like you're really enjoying your vaping or want to open up new worlds, switching styles might be exactly what you need.

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