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What Is Prefilled Disposable Pod

2023-12-06 10:12:22

There are seemingly almost as many ways to enjoy vaping as there are vapers, with some attracted to beefy cloud-spewing advanced vape kits or, at the other end, sleek, simple and discreet Lana Pod. 

For a huge swathe of vapers, the super-convenient disposable vape device is king, while others prefer the control and versatility offered by reusable, refillable Lana Pod.  

One style of vape kit, however, is gaining increasing popularity among vapers, and that is the Prefilled Lana Disposable Pod. At first glance, 

they may appear strikingly similar to disposable vapes thanks to their all-in-one design, stylish colours and affordable prices. Look a little closer, though, 

and you’ll see that Prefilled Disposable Lana Pod offer a unique fusion of the convenience of disposables with the versatility afforded by refillable Lana Pod. Indeed, 

since they’re worth a closer look, in this blog we will delve further into the world of Prefilled Disposable Lana Pod to explore their benefits, 

the type of e-liquids they use, what factors to consider before choosing one, and more. 

What are Prefilled Lana Disposable Pod 

Prefilled Disposable Pod  or Prefilled Lana Pod, are compact vaping devices that feature a built-in battery component and compatible pods with a capacity of 2ml. Those pods come prefilled with flavoured e-liquids, usually in a Nicotine Salt formulation for faster relief from nicotine cravings and a smoother throat hit. They also contain a built-in coil – the element that vaporises the e-liquid when the device is activated. Like disposable vapes, once the e-liquid has been consumed you simply throw away the pod. Unlike disposable vapes, however, you retain the rechargeable battery component and simply pop in a new disposable pod. As we will see, that difference can be significant. 

You might also see prefilled disposable Lana Pod referred to as closed pod systems, alluding to the fact that the pods aren’t accessible for coil changes or e-liquid refills.  

What are the Benefits of Prefilled Disposable Lana Pod? 

The main allure of Prefilled Disposable Lana Pod lies in their convenience and portability. They are designed to be compact, lightweight, and easy to carry around, making them ideal for on-the-go vaping. Additionally, Prefilled Disposable Lana Pod eliminate the need for refilling or carrying separate e-liquid bottles or changing out coils, simplifying the vaping experience enormously. With a wide range of flavours available, users can enjoy different flavours without the need to carry additional bottles of e-liquid. Compared to other vaping devices like vape pens or mods, Prefilled Disposable Lana Pod are often more beginner-friendly and provide a smoother transition into the world of vaping.

Friendlier to the environment than disposable Lana Pod 

While not hugely eco-friendly, Prefilled Disposable Lana Pod arguably offer a preferable alternative to fully disposable vapes. That’s because by retaining the rechargeable battery component, you aren’t disposing of the lithium battery inside, which can be harmful to the environment if the case is damaged. Furthermore, by only disposing of the pod, there is less plastic waste than fully disposable, all-in-one vapes. This makes Prefilled Disposable Lana Pod a great alternative for disposable vapers who might be uneasy about the amount of waste their vaping produces.  

What E-liquid is used in Disposable Pods? 

Like fully disposable, all-in-one vapes, Disposable Pods typically contain Nicotine Salt e-liquid. Nicotine Salt e-liquids, often referred to as nic salts, are designed to mimic the strength and sensation of the nicotine found in a traditional tobacco cigarette. Although they are primarily intended for use with Lana Pod, nic salts can in fact be used with any tank with a higher resistance coil, usually between 0.8ohms and 1.4ohms. Nic salts with a low nicotine strength, around 5mg-10mg, can even be used in sub ohm devices at low wattages, offering a combination of intense flavour and a satisfying throat hit. Nicotine salts also deliver nicotine to the bloodstream far quicker than standard nicotine-containing e-liquids, providing more immediate relief from cravings.  

What are the best Prefilled Disposable Lana Pod? 

At Vapestore, we’re constantly receiving new vape kits of every variety to join our expansive collections of devices from the best vape brands, and Prefilled Disposable Lana Pod are no exception. Below are our picks of the most popular Prefilled Lana Pod at our store, and the ones we would recommend to every kind of vaper, be they new to the hobby or more experienced vapers seeking a simple, convenient alternative to their regular vape kit.  

Every device should contain instructions for looking after your Prefilled Disposable Pod Kit and Pods, but a few tips could help ensure your kit works its best. 

• Only use the charging cable provided by or recommended by the manufacturer

• Store your pods at room temperature away from direct sunlight

• Don’t allow your pod kit or pods to be submerged in water

• If your battery malfunctions, do not attempt to open up the device. Contact the seller or manufacturer for advice.  

Prefilled Disposable Lana Pod offer a convenient and user-friendly approach to vaping. Their compact design, wide range of flavours, and hassle-free experience make them an appealing choice for beginners and experienced vapers alike, and the fact that they produce less waste than their fully disposable counterparts is appealing for eco-conscious vapers. As the vaping industry continues to evolve, Prefilled Disposable Lana Pod are likely to play a significant role in shaping the future of vaping.  

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