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What Can Cause A Vape Battery to Explode

2023-12-14 10:45:47

The overall care and maintenance of the battery must be grossly and continuously overlooked in order for a battery to explode. 

Overcharging and overheating are two of the leading reasons why batteries don’t typically last as long as they should, however, these reasons very rarely lead to the batteries exploding. 

In lithium-ion batteries particularly, there are many fail-safes that are put in place to prevent overcharging and overheating from happening. 

In fact, lithium-ion batteries are so safe that there is a 0.0000001% chance of explosion. 

Although there have been stories on how vape users experienced and were injured by their vaporizers combusting, sparking, or even exploding. However, it is important to note, all those incidents have led back to improper handling and misuse of the battery. Mishandling a battery regardless of what type of battery it is can trigger a chemical imbalance that results in an explosion. That is why it is important to always use the right charger to charge your device, this applies to all electronic devices, not just your vaporizer. 

Battery charging bay vs. USB charging

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Most people charge their devices using a USB, it is without question the easiest and most common way to charge your battery. However, there are a few problems that can arise from charging with a USB, 

namely, you risk providing insufficient power to charge the battery. This can result in having a battery that didn’t charge. You also risk overloading the battery which can cause it to be defunct a lot sooner.

Using a battery charging bay is the most effective way to charge your battery, however, it is a substantial financial investment. Although they are expensive, charging bays can be extremely beneficial and not just for your vaporizer but for other battery-operated devices you own.

Charging bays have many benefits namely:

Fast charging

Multiple charging ports

Charging bays have a chip that provides accurate and reliable charging

Even charging

Charging bays allow you to charge different sized batteries on the same device

Prevents overcharging and overheating

Increase battery longevity

Product recommendations

Proper handling of your battery can increase its longevity. Although instances like batteries exploding, sparking, or combusting are rare they are still within the realm of possibilities. 

Not to mention that batteries, like any other mass-produced products, can have innate factory flaws that you know nothing about. 

You can extend the lifespan of your battery by taking good care of it. Adhering to the manufacturer’s recommendations, and understanding what can compromise your battery life.

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