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What are the Downsides to Mesh Coils

2023-09-25 09:47:47

Mesh Coils for Vaping:

New technology is being introduced to the world of vaping more and more frequently. These inventions and designs have been created to optimise your vaping experience whether it be enhanced flavour,

 longer battery life or intuitive vaping stats, there’s always something new to keep your eye on.

Recently, you might have noticed more products mentioning ‘mesh coils’ and their ability to increase flavour and vapour production.

 But what are mesh coils? How are they different to regular coils? And should your next vape tank or pod system use a mesh coil?

Most big brands such as Innokin and Aspire have started to incorporate a mesh build into a lot of their coil brands. Read on to become an expert on the latest vape coil technology!

What are Mesh Coils?

Before mesh coils were created, all vape coils worked in the same way. In a regular vape coil, the heating wire is wound into a spiral shape, 

when this heats up, it vapourises the e-liquid and produces your vapour and flavour.

Mesh coils are slightly different because they are not made of wires, instead they are made of a mesh strip. 

This mesh strip is wound into a tight cylinder shape and installed vertically to produce a smooth airflow.

 In some cases, more advanced and high-end mesh coils might utilise multiple mesh strips that work together for a greater vapour production.

The main and only difference between a regular coil and a mesh coil is the heating surface being made from a strip of mesh rather than a twisted wire.

The difference when it comes to vaping can be quite noticeable, though!

Why Were Mesh Vape Coils Invented?

Regular coils have reached a point where they can longer improve their performance without sacrificing other aspects of their function. 

The way to receive huge clouds and better flavour is to increase the surface area of your coil. Traditional vape coils can have an increased surface area, but they have a limit.

It became clear that there needed to be a change in the way vape coils are made and manufactured in order to provide huge clouds and great flavour.

What are the Benefits of Mesh Coils?

There are two main benefits to using a mesh coil over a traditional vape coil. They offer a greater surface area and a better wick-to-wire contact.

Mesh coils will produce larger clouds, perfect if you like tricks. They are also much quieter than traditional coils and will generally last longer because they heat so evenly.

What are the Downsides to Mesh Coils?

Most people who start using mesh coils rarely go back to the old traditional coils but there are two potential drawbacks to using mesh coils.

A mesh coil will produce vapour with a very small droplet size so the vapour might seem a little “dry” compared to the vapour produced by a traditional coil.

Mesh coils have been designed to produce large vapour clouds; you may find vaping with a mesh coil overwhelming if you use a very high nicotine strength.

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