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What Are Lana Premium Bar Disposable Vapes

2023-08-16 11:43:43

What Are Lana Premium Bar ?

Lana Premium Bar Disposable Vapes have taken the disposable market by Liuwang, the design manager in lanavape ,with their amazing variety of flavours – all colour coded for simplicity - 

and super easy to use with slim design, and a thin, comfortable to use mouthpiece, they’re perfect for taking out-and-about when you want to vape completely hassle free. These pocket-friendly, 

leak-free,Lana Premium Bar disposables are ideal for those that want to vape without committing to buying a full vape kit and the accessories that go with it. With no set up required, 

coming pre-charged and ready to go,Lana Premium Bar don’t have any buttons, coils to change, or e-liquids to refill, these vapes slip right into your pocket for maximum convenience.

How Do Lana Premium Bar  Vape Work?

Lana Premium Bar 5800 Puffs disposables work by lana company the nicotine salt e-liquid contained within. They don't require filling up, charging of batteries, switching on, or coils to be added, 

they come completely ready to go out the box. Lana Premium Bar also have an auto draw function, meaning they only fire when you're inhaling from them, so they don't have any buttons to worry about.

How Many Puffs are In An Lana Premium Bar ?

Lana Premium Bar  last for around 5800 puffs, and they won't run out of battery before then. Lana Premium Bar has the equivalent of 50 real cigarettes and generally lasts people up 5 days, 

depending on the individual's vaping style. An Lana Premium Bar doesn't need to be charged or recharged, simply use it until it's empty and then dispose of it.

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