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What’s Different Between Bar Salts and Others

2023-11-02 14:26:27

What really sets the Bar Salts range apart from the competition is the centralised focus we have on consumer experience. 

Firstly, this is a collection of nic salts, which are fast-acting vape liquids that can be absorbed into your bloodstream within just a few seconds. 

They’re designed to give a similar feeling to the nicotine rush of a cigarette, with less throat stress and a richer flavour. 

Nicotine salt e-liquids are great for low-powered starter vape kits like pod kits and vape pens that deliver what’s called an MTL 

(mouth-to-lung) vape making them perfect for those used to the inhale of a typical cigarette or disposable device.

Lots of people use disposable vapes to wean away from smoking, and that’s fantastic! Disposables have their place in 

the industry and help thousands of people every year pursue a healthier lifestyle. Despite this, vaping disposables can be quite expensive and time-consuming because you’ll have to keep buying more single-use 

devices to keep up usage. One disposable a day will usually cost you upwards of £28 a week, and each device will typically deliver up to 600 puffs –

 that’s around 20 cigarettes. Smoking a pack of twenty cigarettes a day will typically cost around £5,475 (£15 pack a day for 365 days). With disposables, 

you’ll save £4,019 a year, which is indeed a great saving. Disposables can be great for 

those who tend not to vape so much, but heavier users might still find themselves at a loss financially. A yearly disposable habit will cost on average around

 £1,456 a year which is still a substantial amount, especially when money is tight these days. A typical pod kit will cost around £12 a week to upkeep, 

so will only cost about £624 a year. That’s a whopping saving of £832!


It's all you favourite flavours bottled up!


Moving on to Bar Salts will not only allow you to consume all your favourite disposable flavours at a substantially less cost, 

but it’ll also provide you with the option to select between a wider variety of new flavours as they continually release in the changing market. We selected the current flavours of Bar Salts by extensively

 researching the most popular disposable flavours in the market, so they’ll last longer for consumers and feel more refreshing than ever. We understand that it can be daunting 

to move on from disposables because of their optimised convenience, especially if users have only ever used these sorts of kits. That’s why each flavour 

has been carefully distilled to deliver the most premium mixes possible so that every customer can make the next step in their vaping journey without getting tripped up by complicated details and technical jargon.

 Our Bar Salts are a 50 PG / 50 VG mix to guarantee a perfect balance between flavour and cloud production. Similarly, users also have the choice between a 10mg and 20mg strength. 

The 10mg liquid will best suit those who would averagely consume 5-15 cigs a day and 20mg will be best for heavier smokers, so everyone has the freedom to select a strength that’s perfect for them.

Reuse & Recycling 


On top of this, the Bar Salts range was crafted using more reliable and eco-friendly goods that don’t have to be taken to a vape shop to be recycled. We make our Bar Salts bottles out of 

PET plastic which can be easily recycled. This is the most widely recycled plastic in the world and can be recycled into polyester fabrics. Our nibs are made of HDPE and our caps are made of PP plastic, 

both of which can be readily recycled at qualified depots up and down the country so long as they are clear of any e-liquid or nicotine residue.

The Bar Salts collection is a labour of love for us here at Vampire Vape. It’s a contemporary collection that’s always evolving, 

and it’s driven by a desire to help wean people away from disposables without having them compromise their favourite flavourings or the quality of the inhale.


Top Three Staff Picks


If you find you’re still looking for some guidance, we’ve asked around here at Vampire Vape HQ and composed a list of the three most popular flavours. 

We hope these can help you understand a little bit more about what they’re about, so we’ve attached a little testimonial from one of our staffers on each flavour who love them with their whole heart:

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