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Vape related policies across South East Asia

2023-02-17 17:52:54

丨Permission to sell丨

◆ Indonesia (Application for marketing certification)
1、Nicotine containing nebulizer is considered as "other processed tobacco" or products containing "extracts and flavours of tobacco"; the main unit of electronic nebulizer, nebulizer, nebulizer without nicotine, is considered as consumer products.
2、Imported electronic nebulisers must have a letter of recommendation from the Indonesian Ministry of Health, Indonesian Food and Drug Administration and Indonesian Ministry of Industry and the Indonesian National Standard Certification (SNI) before they can be sold in the Indonesian market.
3、The tax rate of retail price of electronic nebulised products is 57%.
4. 18 July is designated as the "Indonesia Electronic Nebulisation Festival".

◆ Philippines (apply for business license)
1、All companies engaged in electronic fogging products (including manufacturing, distribution, import, marketing and sales) need to obtain a License to Operate (LTO) from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).
2. Electronic nebulised products are classified as medicinal products and medical devices and are considered as "harm reduction aids".
3. Electronic nebulised products must be child safe and are prohibited from being sold to minors. Their use in public places is prohibited and their use in public transport is restricted. Use in public places in the Philippines is punishable by up to 4 months imprisonment.
4. The proposed e-nebulisation bill: scheduled to come into force in May 2022, removes restrictions on taste and online advertising "shall not undermine the message of abstinence from nebulisation and shall not encourage the use of e-nebulised products such as HTP by non-nebulised grass or non-nicotine users. Promotion.

◆ Malaysia (restriction on nicotine-containing e-nebulisation)
1. Nicotine-containing products including e-nebulisation and e-nebulised liquids fall under the jurisdiction of the Poisons Act and the Sale of Medicines Act, and there is no full e-nebulisation legislation in place.
2. Nicotine-containing e-nebulised products are prohibited from being marketed, distributed or imported and can only be sold by licensed pharmacies or registered medical practitioners.
3. A tax of 10% of the retail price and a specific tax of RM0.4 per millimetre of liquid is levied on all types of e-nebulised products.
4. Any person is prohibited from selling or supplying nicotine-containing e-nebulised products to persons under 18 years of age.
5. Local manufacturers and importers of e-nebulised products will be required to apply for SIRIM certification and labelling. The ordinance will come into force on 3 August 2022.

◆ Vietnam (restricted imports)
1、Electronic fogging products can be sold and used in Vietnam.
2. The state-owned VINATABA, which holds 55% of the country's e-fogging market, is the only company in Vietnam allowed to import e-fogging products.
Feature丨Global e-nebulisation policy "Southeast Asia

| Sale and use banned |

◇ Myanmar
The sale, import and use of electronic fogging products are banned.
◇ Thailand
In Thailand, the carrying, trading and use of electronic fogging products are all illegal by law.
◇ Singapore
The import, sale and distribution of, and the supply of, any form of designed or assembled electronic fogging products, as well as the possession, consumption and use of electronic fogging products by individuals, are prohibited.
◇ Laos
The sale, import and use of electronic fogging products are prohibited.
◇ Cambodia
The sale, import and use of electronic fogging products are prohibited.

| Sale is prohibited but use is allowed |

◇ Brunei
Prohibits the sale or import of electronic fogging products; prohibits the use of electronic fogging products in most public places and traffic settings.
◇ East Timor
Sale and importation of electronic fogging products are prohibited.

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