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LANAVAPE Has Attended The Bahrain Expo on Jan 18th - 20th, 2024 Perfectly

LANAVAPE Has Attended The Bahrain Expo on Jan 18th - 20th, 2024 Perfectly

Top 10 E-Liquids Foe lanavape in 2024

 Top 10 E -Liquids popular in 2024

Lanavape will attend at the Russia Vape Expo from the 16th to 17th .December

Lanavape will attend at the Russia Vape Expo from the 16th to 17th .December

Lanavape attendance at the South East Asia Vape Expo from the 18th to 19th .November

Lanavape is excited to announce our attendance at the  South EastAsiaVape Expo from the 18th to 19th.November.

With our top-notch products.

How to Find The Best Vape manufacturer and Wholesale Discount Price

The vaping industry is a rapidly growing market, it is source from Shezhen city, China,

with new products and innovations appearing every day. As a result, it can be tough to keep up with all the latest trends and developments. However, having a basic understanding of the industry and its products is essential to making the right decisions when it comes to finding the best wholesale supplier.


One of the first things to understand about the vaping industry is the variety of products available. From e-cigarettes to vaporizers and accessories, there are many different types of products that you can choose from. Some of the most popular products include e-liquids, vape mods, and vape tanks.


When it comes to finding the best wholesale supplier, quality is one of the most important factors to consider. You want to make sure that the products you’re selling are reliable, safe, and of high quality. After all, your customers are counting on you to provide them with the best possible vaping experience.

How to Save Money to Buy Disposable Vapes

Vaping has become an increasingly popular alternative to traditional cigarette smoking, but it can also come with a significant financial cost. However, there are several ways to save money when vaping without sacrificing the experience.

Invest in a high-quality, rechargeable vaporizer: The initial cost may be higher, but rechargeable vaporizers are much more cost-effective in the long run. Disposable vaporizers, while convenient, can be expensive to replace frequently.

Use refillable tanks and pods: Most vaporizers come with a refillable tank or pod, which can be filled with e-liquid rather than buying pre-filled cartridges. This can save a significant amount of money in the long run.

Who is Responsible for New Young Vapers

San Francisco’s Proposition E passed by public vote last month. The finally tally was 68-32 percent in favor of a ban on flavored vape juices and menthol cigarettes in the city. New York has had a vaping ban since 2013, restricting the use of vapes anywhere cigarette smoking is restricted. Proponents of these legislative actions proffer that their cause is to secure the health of the public, given the limited, inconclusive research on the particular health effects of vape use. Another cause of concern is the apparent way many vape products are marketed to underage users, who then become habitual users. In ominous precursory fashion, the FDA had previously issued warning letters to a number of online and storefront shops regarding sales to minors. Reports cover the hotly contested guilty party: Parents or Retailers?

Lana _E-Cig

The Lana has attracted FDA attention due to it’s popularity among teens, despite the fact that the company enforces a strict 21-and-up age restriction on all sales. Read our review here.

The ongoing regulatory debate over vaping, specifically as it applies to teens and underage users, is an example of one of the age-old blame games I follow whenever I can find new coverage.

The Lana Trend 6000 Puffs Disposable Vape Review

The Lana Trend 6000 Puffs Disposable Vape Review

Top10 Disposable Vape Brands in 2023

Best Top10  Disposable Vape Brands in 2023

Lana disposable vape are one of the most diverse e-liquid brands available, and it should come as no surprise that they are taking the top spot on our list! From nic salts to freebase, 50/50 to high VG, their e-liquid range includes every possible formula so there is an Lana disposable vape e-liquid to suit every different vaper and every different vape kit.

LANA ULTRA 7000 Puffs is Coming

LANA ULTRA  7000 Puffs Will comes with an intelligent LED display

LANAVAPE Has Attended The Vaper Expo Philippines Mar. 23th-24th, 2024

LANAVAPE Has Attended The Vaper  Expo  Philippines Mar. 23th-24th, 2024

LANAVAPE LN10000 Vape is Coming

LANAVAPE LN10000 Vape is Coming

Lana Mini 600 Puffs Vape is Coming

Lana Mini 600 Puffs Vape is Coming

How Long Does Your Vape Coil Last?

The average vape coil lifespan should last around 1-2 weeks, but this is dependent on a number of factors. 

MTL Coils tend to last longer than sub-ohm DTL coils,

 in addition the coil lifespan is dependant on:

Type of tank you have

Quality/ brand of coils

Voltage or wattage you vape at

Rate at which you are vaping your e liquid

Type of vape juice you are vaping

What is RDL Vaping?

RTL stands for restricted direct lung vaping. Restricted Direct lung is a relatively new term and blurs the line between Mouth to Lung(MTL)

 and Direct to Lung (DTL).

With Restricted Direct Lung (RDL) vaping, you are able to inhale in the same way as direct to lung, however, you don't require so much airflow over the coil.

RDL essentially gives you the best of both worlds, offering a flavour experience similar to DTL while offering a similar MTL throat sensation.

RDL vape kits, give you the ability to use higher PG vape juice in addition to 70% VG vape juices and offer a range of styles of vaping.

 RDL coils provide boosted flavour as well as vapour production without using super powerful coils. This means the system uses less battery wattage, 

 less e liquid is burned, producing a stronger tasting flavour

Lanavape is very proud to announce the list of exhibitors for VapeCon 2023 in South Africa.

hey include many of the finest vaping vendors in South Africa and the rest of the world. We are extremely proud to be able to host them all under one roof at VapeCon 2023 on 25th - 27th August at Heartfelt Arena in Pretoria.

Many of the local exhibitors are travelling from all parts of our country. The international exhibitors are from all over the world.

This list will be compiled and completed once all the confirmed vendors have been announced!

How To Unclog Your LanaVape Step by Step

Clear Debris From Center Post carefully

Smaller Pulls

Using Preheat Function

Since they hit the scene, disposable vapes have had a lot of improvements in order to come into a world of their own. They were originally developed to handle standard ejuice. 

The components weren't as durable as the vape battery. wasn't necessarily the strongest. 

What is Nicotine Disposable Vape

Need a slick and discreet vape with no nicotine? The nicotine-free gust is perfect on the go without having to fumble around with pods and charges. 

This disposable vape pen is a very affordable option when compared alongside alternatives and comes in a great variety of flavors. Gust disposable no nicotine vapes hold more vape juice and 

are longer lasting than the competition! It's quick and easy to use and best of all, all of them are nicotine-free!

Why Are Disposable Vapes popular All Over The World?

There’s a few reasons you might choose a disposable vape kit over a more conventional refillable option. The first and most obvious reason is that you’re a brand new vaper and 

you just want something easy to use that’ll give you a good nicotine hit to alleviate cravings. These kits really are designed for simplicity - with no need to top up juice levels,

 change pods or coils or recharge them, they have one job only and that’s to help you make the switch to vaping. With their higher nicotine levels and mouth to lung inhale that’s comparable to smoking, 

disposable kits are a great choice when you’re just starting out.

How to Choose Battery For Your Vape Correctly?

Treat batteries badly and they’ll turn grumpy. “Battery” by Metallica? Case in point. The things that are either positive, negative and invariably jammed with lithium are a delicate affair. 

Then again, treat them well, and you get Kanye West. Being bipolar is a “superpower”.

Batteries are important. No battery, no power. Finding the right battery for your device is equally important. Get it wrong and you put a lot at risk. The quality of your experience. 

The frustration of Googling “why isn’t my vape working?” At the very worst, although this largely has to do with user misuse, you can run the risk of an explosion. 

We dedicated an entire blog post to debunking the myths surrounding “exploding vape” headlines here.

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