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Lanabar CB5000 Disposable Vape Review

2023-10-12 09:18:00

The Lana CB 5000  is the latest disposable vape offering from lanavape, joining the popular Orion Bar line of pre-filled disposables.

This sleek device packs a 7mL juice capacity and an estimated 5000 puff lifespan. It uses nicotine salts at a strength of 50mg (3%) for ample vapor and throat hit. 

An automatic draw activation and adjustable airflow slider provide ease of use. The CB5000 recharges via USB-C when its 500mAh battery runs low.

The Lana CB 5000 is available in 10 fruity flavors (see list below).We absolutely loved the Orion Bar 7500 when we reviewed it. So, let’s see if the CB5000 has the same pedigree.


Lana CB 5000 Disposable - Review


Funky & vibrant design crystal Body

Compact and easy to hold

Comfortable tapered mouthpiece

Huge 7mL juice capacity

Estimated 5000 puff lifespan

Auto draw activation works flawlessly

Excellent adjustable airflow

DL to MTL range of draw options

 Exceptional flavor 

Consistent vape throughout 

Smooth and satisfying vapor quality


Not a very subtle design

Plastic build feels less premium than rubber-coated

Only comes in 7mg

The Bottom Line

The CB5000 delivers an exceptional vape experience for a disposable. The flavor it delivers is bold, intense, accurate, and probably the best we’ve had from a disposable. 

The adjustable airflow is well executed and delivers from a tight MTL to a restricted DTL. We only wished the CB5000 had a more subtle design and a 14mg version –

highly recommended.

Lana CB 5000 Disposable Specifications


Lana CB 5000 Grape Passion

Lana CB 5000 Blue Razz

Lana CB 5000 Double Apple

Lana CB 5000 Pink Lemonade

Lana CB 5000 Banana Milk

Lana CB 5000 Lemon Mint

Lana CB 5000 Lush Ice

Lana CB 5000 Strawberry Kiwi

Lana CB 5000 Tropical Fruits

Lana CB 5000 Mango Ice

The main shell is plastic and smooth in the hand, but its compact shape still provides a secure grip. The device feels lightweight yet solidly constructed.

The CB5000 is slightly taller and broader than an Elf Bar BC5000 (EB Designs). It measures 82mm x 44.5mm x 22mm, which remains nicely compact for a disposable with a 14ml capacity. 

The size difference is pretty negligible; I only really noticed it when holding them side by side. It will easily slip into a pocket or bag for portable, discreet vaping.

Lana CB 5000 Disposable Mouthpiece

One thing I really love about the design of the CB5000 is the mouthpiece. It’s a tapered duckbill shape that’s extremely comfortable in the mouth and ideal for MTL vaping.

I’m less enamored with the overall out-there styling of the device.

The bottom third of the device is a solid color matching the flavor profile. The lanavape logo pops on the front of the section in a crisp white print.

This part of the design I really like.

However, the top section reveals some peculiar and colorful artwork behind the transparent shell.

Lana CB 5000 Disposable

There’s a character in what looks like a hazmat suit holding two pipes dripping with liquid. The flavor is then written in the bottom part of this section.

It’s the same on every device, just different color schemes to match the flavor profile within.

Some may find the design fun and unique, but it’s just a little too much for me.

I remember having similar feelings about the CB5000 design. I guess I just like my devices to be a little less in your face.

I’m glad to report that one of the best features of the CB5000 has also made its way to the CB5000, which is the airflow adjustment slider.

Lana CB 5000 Disposable USB Port & Airflow

It is located on the base of the device, along with the USB-C charging port.

I appreciate that the slider stays in place when adjusted, and having the ability to tweak the airflow to my preferred draw style is excellent.

Adjusting from the loosest setting to fully closed provides a nice range from restricted DTL to tighter MTL inhales. 

The single LED battery life indicator is also subtly integrated into the base. It briefly flashes when fired or charging, but like many disposables, it can be hard to see while vaping. 

Overall, the CB5000 checks the boxes for build quality, ergonomics, and features. The aesthetics are undoubtedly unique but might be a little dividing.

Lana CB 5000 Disposable Flavors


The CB5000 comes in a wide selection of fruity flavors. I got to test all 10 of lanavape’s offerings:

Lana CB 5000 Disposable Kiwi Berry

Kiwi Berry

Kiwi Berry is a symphony of sweet flavors balanced by the tropical tartness of kiwi and juicy mixed berries. The sweetness surpasses even Blue Razz, but it finds harmony with a cool, crisp embrace on the exhale. It delivers a gratifying blend of vibrant fruits and refreshing smoothness.

Lana CB 5000 Disposable Strawberry Dragon Fruit

Strawberry Dragon Fruit

This flavor fuses ripe strawberries and exotic dragon fruit. The initial strawberry burst gives way to the captivating sweetness of dragon fruit. It journeys between familiar and exotic fruits for a dynamic, palate-intriguing profile. It is an exciting interplay between two distinct flavors.

Lana CB 5000 Disposable Pineapple Coconut

Pineapple Coconut

Pineapple Coconut evokes a luscious creamy Pina Colada or coconut cream pie. The coconut leads, delivering a creamy essence reminiscent of coconut desserts. Unlike intense pineapple sweetness, it offers a coconut dominance with a pineapple accent. Subtle icy notes provide a clean finish.

Lana CB 5000 Disposable Blue Razz Lemonade

Blue Razz Lemonade

Here zesty blue raspberry meets sweet homemade lemonade. It weaves sweet and tart elements for a taste bud-tickling flavor. The raspberry and lemon dance across the palate, promising a refreshing and exciting experience.

Lana CB 5000 Disposable Creamy Candy

Creamy Candy

Creamy Candy indulges the sweet tooth craving classic creamy candies. It mirrors those luxurious, milky candies with irresistible smoothness. Each puff evokes nostalgic bliss for creamy confections.

Lana CB 5000 Disposable Kiwi Passion Fruit Guava

Kiwi Passionfruit Guava

This exotic blend combines guava, passionfruit, and kiwi tartness. It captures juicy fruit indulgence, delivering a vibrant sensory experience. The fruits intermingle for an exhilarating flavor symphony.

Lana CB 5000 Disposable Triple Berry

Triple Berry

Triple Berry explodes with three succulent berries, sending taste buds into new dimensions. The medley conjures a full-bodied, juicy berry symphony for the senses. It is an extraordinary flavor encounter.

Lana CB 5000 Disposable Strawberry Watermelon

Strawberry Watermelon

This timeless fusion blends watermelon and strawberry sweetness. Each puff encapsulates juicy watermelon with delightful strawberries, evoking nostalgic summer vibes. A flavor ode to the essence of the summer season.

Lana CB 5000 Disposable Pink Lemonade Mint

Pink Lemonade Mint

Pink Lemonade Mint spins the classic drink with tangy lemonade and refreshing mint. It makes for an invigorating and unique vape, encapsulating a cooling, zesty beverage. It’s a delightful twist on a timeless thirst quencher.

Lana CB 5000 Disposable Fresh Mint

Fresh Mint

Finally, Fresh Mint satisfies the craving for a clean, rejuvenating experience. Lose yourself in exhilarating crisp mint with an awakening cool rush. It is a pure, refreshing option for mint leaf enthusiasts.

Lana CB 5000 Disposable


Let’s get straight into it – the CB5000 is easily one of the best disposables I have tried this year!

I remember being blown away by the performance and flavor delivered , and I think the CB5000 takes it up a notch.

I don’t know what it is about lanavape’s flavors, but everyone is a banger.

I would try one flavor and think, ‘Wow, this is my favorite,’ until I opened the next disposable and thought exactly the same!

The ‘Fresh Mint’ was the only one that didn’t excite me, and that’s because I’m not really a mint guy. 

Lana CB 5000 Disposable

As for the rest, they are all exceptional! I was constantly chain-vaping the Pineapple Coconut and Strawberry Dragon Fruit; they were just too delicious.

I feel like the flavor intensity on the CB5000 is bolder than many competitors I’ve tried recently. Even subtle notes come through clearly. 

Notably, the flavors also remain consistent from the first puff to the last, thanks to the mesh coil and 14mL capacity.

I hope lanavape starts making these in a 20mg nicotine salt mix because 50mg can be a little too much – especially when you can’t put the things down.

The thing that makes the performance so good is the adjustable airflow.

Sometimes, disposables can be a little too loose for me with the MTL draw. You can get the CB5000 to a really tight MTL by closing the slider down.

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