Lana Blend Special 5000 Puffs

LANA XL is a fun and practical disposable vape


Disposable vape of LANA XL 5000 lush ice flavor is very refreshing and sweet to use, it is a practical flavor suitable for summer, because it not only contains the sweet flavor of watermelon, but also has a very cool throat hit, people who like watermelon Friends, don't miss it.


◆LANA XL 5000 Disposable Vape Feature

※It seems that everyone is looking for a one-time vape that can not only meet their large-mouth needs but also be fashionable and beautiful. Until the emergence of LANA XL, this problem has been solved. LANA XL not only looks good, it is pre-installed with 12ml of E-liquid, the number of puffs can be as high as 5000puffs, which fully meets the needs of people with large needs. Its cigarette holder adopts ergonomic design, which can perfectly fit the mouth shape of most people, making it more comfortable to use. Its shape It uses polishing technology which makes its holding experience even higher, it uses high-quality ceramic core for heating, which makes its atomization system more powerful, and the mist is more delicate, and it is also equipped with high-quality The filter cotton core not only ensures the safety of use but also ensures hygiene.

◆LANA XL 5000 Date

BrandLANAVAPEBattery Capacity650mAh
Product NameLANA XL 5000Resistance1.2Ω
FlavorLush IcePuffs5000
Nicotine3%Charging MethodType-C
Product Size84*45*15mm
Battery Model13450
E-liquied Capacity12mlContentVG, PG, Flavors, Nicotine

◆LANA XL 5000 Lush Ice Disposable Vape Picture

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