Lana Blend Special 5000 Puffs

Lanavape XL is full of powerful by its 5000 puffs in e-cigarette world


Lana XL  flavor cold coke tasted summerly and cooling, it feels like a bite of summer. Take a few puffs after sports, you will feel the ice kissing you.


◆LANA XL 5000 Disposable Vape Feature

Lana XL is a new product with cold coke by capturing the rich and earthy flavors of cold coke, this flavor is a masterful blend for lasting cooling. Complex notes come together to achieve a coordinating balance with each puff. High imitation glass material covers the Lana XL surface and can be customized by global buyers. You can customize the logo or pattern to their surface, creating a product that is unique on the planet. 

◆LANA XL 5000 Date

BrandLANAVAPEBattery Capacity650mAh
Product NameLANA XL 5000Resistance1.2Ω
FlavorCold cokePuffs5000
Nicotine3%Charging MethodType-C
Product Size84*45*15mm
Battery Model13450
E-liquied Capacity12mlContentVG, PG, Flavors, Nicotine

◆LANA XL 5000 Tieguanyin Disposable Vape Picture

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