Lana V2

Empty pods are reusable pod cartridges


Lana V2.0 Empty Pod is a reusable pod cartridge that can add e-liquid into it by itself. It is more free to adjust flavors than disposable electronic cigarettes. It can add your own favorite to the cartridge. of smoke oil.


◆Lana V2.0 empty pod feature

※It is a pod cartridge that can be used with all LANA DVICE. Its appearance has excited some people who like to manually mix the flavor of e-juice by themselves. It is a transparent cartridge that can add e-liquid by itself. You only need to Prepare the e-juice you want in advance, and then inject the e-juice into the cartridge compartment through the oil filling hole reserved by Lana V2.0, then seal it with the e-juice sealing plug, and place it directly on any LANA It can be used on DEVICE, which greatly increases the fun of using electronic cigarettes.

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