Lana Pod

LANA POD|Universal pod with any vape device
LANA POD|Universal pod with any vape device
  • LANA POD|Universal pod with any vape device
  • LANA POD|Universal pod with any vape device

Lana Pod-Sweet Peach

Lana pod-Sweet peach,the whole suction is very cool, is a very natural sweet peach flavor.The taste of the peach is sweet, the smoke is delicate and mellow, the smoke is moderate, the low -focus and low -harmful fruit flavor is the favorite of many customers, the cost performance is also very high, Long-term ownership.


Lana Prefilled Pod Product Introduction

     A high quality Lana pod, can not leave the role of any of the accessories. We choose the best quality ceramics, heating silk, cotton, etc., each small accessories, we are holding a meticulous and serious attitude to choose.

     The upgraded pods hold 2.5 milliliters of e-cigarette liquid at no extra price. Order now.

Product Parameter


Lana pod

E-liquid ingredients

Glycerol, Propylene glycol, Flavoring, Nicotine Salts

Pods per box

3 Pods of same flavor

Pod capacity


Nicotine strength


Puffs available per pod

About 600 puffs

Pod colour


LED light colour



200 boxes per carton




Berry Blast,Passion Fruit,Iced Tea,Mineral Water,Fresh Pineapple,Strawberry Milk,Orange Ice,Cold Coke,Iced Blueberry,Frozen Popsicle,Iced Lychee,Mung Bean,Surfing Lemon, Juicy Grape, Kiwi Blend,Sour Apple,Sweet Peach,Tieguanyin Tea,Lush Ice,Oolong Tea,Mango Milk Shake, Root Beer,Iced Mango,Iced Coffee

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