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It's Time to Smile and Start Vaping in Style in Winter

2023-11-02 14:24:57

It's Time to Smile and Start Vaping in Style in Winter

So what's so special about Winter?

We launched this campaign this Winter to raise awareness about the efficiency and success of vaping. We work every day to help people tackle those serious cravings in an effective way all while spending a little less!Winter is one of those months of the year that's just ordinary enough for serious cravings to creep in, so we think it's a great time to give vaping a try. Giving vaping a try this early in the year will allow you to get ahead of any potential relapse opportunities that might arise during the summer. 

Studies show that when the weather is predominantly warmer, people always feel more inclined to relax and so are often not mentally equipped with enough energy to fight a seriously unappealing appetite for nicotine. 

How are we helping people who are starting vaping?

Throughout the month, we’ll be discussing how we’re keeping up with those who are readily engaging in theWinter campaign, and how they’re getting on with their struggles. Vaping is an industry that’s been catapulted into the mainstream, but we find that there’s still a huge number of people who either haven’t tried it because they are still averse to giving it a go, or may be misinformed about the effects of what it can do to your body. That’s why we sought fit to co-sign this movement as a way to show solidarity with those who are still lost, and looking for something to help them maintain their nicotine use in a way that best suits them and their body. 

Statistics show that the proportion of the adult population in Great Britain using vapes rose by 8.3% in 2023. Now, over 4.3 million Britons choose to vape as their primary way to consume nicotine. Additionally, statistics show that 56% of vapers have now vaped for more than 3 years.

What we can deduce from this news is that vaping works!  We also understand that there are a lot of questions up in the air for those who are curious about what they should know before they start vaping. It can be a complicated process!

To help all those who are curious, we’ve broken down some essential steps that should be considered beforehand, and what should be remembered during the course of the journey!

So let’s break down how to start vaping….

Understanding your triggers

Knowing your addictive habits and specific causes will always be the most important part of the process. Daily life choices, the pressures situated in your social life, and personal health objectives all contribute collectively and individually to your state-of-mind vis-à-vis your nicotine consumption.

All this information will help you out when you talk to either your personal healthcare specialist, stop-smoking or vape retailers, all of whom can and will steer you in the right direction and give you bespoke advice on your best course of action. Many consider vaping to be the best solution to stop smoking. This varies from person to person but a lot of the advice you get will be invaluable in your nicotine journey. 

It’s a little daunting to think about this stage externally, so maybe ask some of those close to you too! Often people we know pick up on our habits more than we realise.

Choose the right inhale

Looking for advice on the right type of vape & inhale is imperative. It’s critical that your choice of device is straightforward, and that you understand exactly how to use it and refill it. This will help you maintain your kit, kill your cravings and never cause discomfort.

Nicotine concentration

Choosing the ideal nicotine intensity is also extremely important. Vaping with a liquid that’s either too weak or too strong may cause you to vape far more or may cause you to feel uneasy because it’s not a strength you’re used to. 

The best way to find this out is to try them all out, so ask behind any store, or buy a selection so you can find out which one really suits you. 

Finding your flavour

Flavours play a key role in assisting those who are eager to try vaping. 

All vapers who have replaced smoking are different. As such, everyone should be open to trying different flavours, especially when vape mouth (refers to the dulling of taste, mainly due to intense vaping or smoking the same e-liquid for a long period of time), which can arise and throw you off the whole prospect.

Remember: every small step is a huge win!

Finally, it’s important to not put too much pressure on yourself. Just remember that you’re making good progress and take it slowly. 

You may be feeling anxious – that’s normal! This sort of uneasy feeling is your new normal, but it won’t always feel this uncomfortable. This too shall pass, and the sort of sinking-ship nervousness you might be dealing with presently will eventually be overcome by a calming zen that’ll assure you you’re still on solid ground.  Also, get rid of your old nicotine paraphernalia, it’ll keep the temptation at bay. As you throw it away just keep in mind the phrase ‘I won’t need this anymore’, rather than ‘this costs money and I should keep it because I paid good money for it’.

If all your planning has worked out, you’ll feel slightly more optimistic about the prospect of a vape-rich existence after the end of thisWinter!

ThisWinter, we're dedicating our time to this campaign to encourage more people to break away from tobacco and get set up with everything they need to get started in the world of vaping. We have a plethora of products that will help you along, so stick around! This month we'll be releasing bundles, and doing a huge number of vape deals that'll save you money and supply you with all the beginner-friendly devices that are hot right now so you can pair them with some of our best-selling Vampire Vape e-liquids.

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