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How to use a lana disposable vape pen

2023-03-20 09:34:54

A disposable lanavape operates on a simple premise: a draw-activated lana vape to dispose of after the juice is consumed or the battery dies (if it’s not rechargeable). Just remove the packaging and start puffing—though some may have a button or even adjustable airflow. And after the battery dies, toss them in your nearest recycle waste for electronics.

Disposable lana vapes have no replaceable parts, and while you should never try to take one apart, they just contain a battery, a tiny chipset, and a juice reservoir. While there are some disposables that come with small tanks, in most cases the juice reservoir is practically some filament material soaked in e-juice, and a coil inside it.

Disposables are usually draw-operated devices, so there is no need for a button. The chipset activates the battery when you draw on the mouthpiece, and the coil inside the filament warms up to create vapor.

Different types of disposable lana vapes

Disposables in 2023 come in various styles and often with advanced features. While even the most advanced disposable is easy to use, some features offer added functionality.

Rechargeable vs. single-use disposables

The prototypical disposable lana vape pen is a non-rechargeable device intended for a single use. But with the arrival of high-puff disposables, a small battery didn’t make much sense. Enter the rechargeable disposable. A simple rule of thumb: if you see a high puff rating (over 9000 puffs,) chances are there is a Type-C port fitted somewhere on the device. Note that most rechargeable disposables don’t come with cables in the box, so make sure you have a cable in hand.

Tight draw vs. loose draw disposables

Most disposables offer a mouth to lung draw, which mimics the draw of a cigarette. But many disposables come with a looser draw, and these are usually available in a lower nicotine concentration. If you know your lana vape lingo, this is the old MTL vs. RDL distinction. If unsure, check to see if we have reviewed the device you are interested in—we always mention the draw in our reviews. But if you see that a disposable comes with 5% nicotine (50 mg/mL), it’s probably a device with a tight draw.

High-nicotine vs. TPD disposables

If you live in the EU/UK, then note that the TPD limits the nicotine strength to 20 mg/mL (2%). Due to additional TPD limitations, the disposables you will be able to find in the EU/UK are going to be more compact—and in the vast majority of cases, non-rechargeable.

Advantages of disposable lana vapes

Most of the advantages of disposables compared to other kinds of lana vapes come from the fact that they are convenient. They are compact, accessible, and beginner friendly. Here are some of the most important advantages of disposable lana vape pens:

They are very easy to use, making them ideal for beginner lana vapers.

Due to their low cost (as one-time purchases), they offer the easiest introduction to vaping.

Disposables come in a variety of flavors to choose from (especially if you like fruity lana vapes).

Flavors are stronger (coil longevity is not important so companies can use more flavoring).

They are usually more compact and pocketable than lana vape starter kits.

Disposables are widely available online as well as in like gas stations.

Most disposable lana vapes don’t leak and require little to no maintenance.

They usually combine a tight cigarette-like draw with high nicotine, mimicking the experience of smoking a cigarette.

Disadvantages of disposable lana vapes

Most of the disadvantages of disposable lana vape pens have nothing to do with performance. In fact, nowadays disposables offer great flavor and dependability. But there are some drawbacks to using disposables as your main lana vape. Here are the most important ones:

Disposables are not the most environmentally friendly option due to the waste created.

The costs can add up with a disposable as your main lana vape.

You are limited to the available options, with no means to customize your lana vape.

Some people may find the colorful designs off-putting.

The majority of flavors currently available come with cooling (menthol).

Not many tobacco flavor options are available.

How to pick a disposable lana vape pen?

With literally hundreds of options available, picking the right disposable lana vape pen can be challenging. And while most disposables will do the job, there are some factors to consider if you want to get the most value out of your purchase.


Disposables come in many sizes, and the price is usually tied to the amount of juice they contain—i.e., the puffs. But there is value to be found. If you are budget conscious, check for the best puffs/price ratio. Shopping around, you’ll probably be able to find special offers and discounts.


If you are out and about and realize that you’ve forgotten your lana vape at home, then don’t worry much. Most disposables available on the market will help you get through the day. But if you are planning on using a disposable as your main lana vape, then make sure you check for reviews of devices and brands. Use the search function on our site—we strive to offer objective reviews for every lana vape we test.


Most disposables come in a variety of fruity flavors, but some companies occasionally overdo it with the ice (menthol) effect. If you don’t like menthol, you should err in the side of caution—most companies would add the word “ice” or something similar next to cooled flavors, but that’s not always the case. If in doubt, search for disposables with dessert flavors (common) or tobacco flavors (less common). These flavors are often un-mentholated.

Style of vaping

Do you want a cigarette-like draw or a loose draw? High nicotine or low nicotine? This is important to get out of the gate, otherwise you may be disappointed by your purchase. In most cases, a tight draw is paired with higher nicotine, while a looser draw with lower nicotine. This will help you avoid unpleasant surprises.

Disposables vs. refillable pod lana vapes

The nearest refillable equivalent to a disposable lana vape pen is a pod system. In fact, some pod lana vapes are indistinguishable from disposables; the main things that change are that the pods themselves are refillable and replaceable, and you don’t need to dispose of the battery when the device is empty.

Pod lana vapes are some of the most beginner-friendly devices you can get, and they have some clear advantages over disposables. They are cheaper in the long run, more environmentally friendly, and offer the liberty to choose the e-juice you are going to use.

If you are just starting your lana vape journey, a disposable is a great way to get accustomed to the experience and leave smoking behind for good. But if you feel limited by the options offered in disposables and want to take it a step further, we’d advise you to check some of the best pod lana vapes out there.

Pro tips

No matter how easy disposable lana vapes are to use, there are some things you should know that could be taken for granted:

Don’t store them in extreme temperatures; remember, they have small lithium-ion batteries inside.

Don’t try and hack them for a refill; this could also cause an auto-fire and potentially break the device.

Dispose of them like other lithium-ion powered devices in a designated drop-off for electronics recycling.

Make sure not to cover the airflow holes while drawing on the lana vape (the airflow holes are usually on the very bottom of the device); covering the air holes while drawing could cause an unfixable leak.

Make sure you draw from the mouthpiece ONLY; drawing from the airflow holes could cause the lana vape to auto-fire. Since there are no buttons, there would be no way to turn it off besides slamming it down on concrete, which would break the device and result in further safety concerns.

Dispose of after the flavor drops off, even if there is more battery life. You might get a nasty dry or burnt hit if you push it.

Don’t worry about counting puffs! The puff estimation of these devices is just a ballpark figure, usually tied to the battery capacity. In general, though, the puff numbers are accurate enough.

What are the best disposable brands?

Some of the best disposable brands include Elf Bar, ZOVOO (DRAGBAR), FLUM, Hyde, Posh, BLVK, and Fume. Some popular brands like BLVK and Dinner Lady are using their lana vape juice in their disposables, so fans of their juice love them. Our list of best disposable lana vapes is updated often, so you can be sure to find the best brands on this page.

How to recharge a disposable lana vape?

You can only recharge disposable lana vapes that come with a charging port. Just use a cable (usually Type-C) on a charger or a computer USB port. If there is no charging port on your disposable, there’s not much you can do when the battery dies—don’t try to hack it, just dispose of it.

What does it mean when a disposable lana vape blinks?

Not all disposables have LED lights; for those that do, a blinking light may signal a couple of things. The most usual is that the battery is empty, but lights may blink while you are vaping or (rarely) in different colors depending on the charge level. If in doubt, check if there is a manual in the package (or online).

How long do disposable lana vapes last for?

Most disposables come with a puff count and a liquid capacity listed in milliliters. While it depends on how often you hit your lana vape and how long your puffs are, smaller disposables (up to 800 puffs) usually last for a day or two, while larger ones may last from a couple of days up to a week of daily use.

Why does my disposable lana vape taste burnt?

A burnt hit on a disposable means that the liquid finished before the battery—if no juice is left in the lana vape pen, you may get a nasty hit. That doesn’t happen often with one-use disposables, but if your disposable is rechargeable, make sure you stop using it when the vapor starts to diminish and feels dry. And while we are at it, no, you can’t fix a burnt disposable lana vape.

Which disposable lana vape has the most puffs?

The puff count has become a bit of a race, and you may be able to find disposables with 9000 puffs or more. But in our opinion, the highest puff count that makes sense is 5000-6000—you don’t want to carry a backpack for your disposable lana vape pen! There are many companies that make disposables in this puff range, and you can find some of them in our product list above.

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