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How to Take CBG E-Liquid

2024-01-16 15:28:03

So you’ve purchased or you’e considering purchasing some CBG oil, but at the moment you’re still a bit unsure of the best way to take it. In all honesty, there are only a few ways to take your CBG oil, however, some are significantly more effective than others, so it pays to know the difference if you want to feel the full benefits of your oil! 

To help you get the best from your CBG oil, here are the different ways to take it and how they compare

Sublingual Administration

If you’re taking CBG as you’ve heard about the myriad of potential benefits it offers, it’s safe to assume you want your body to absorb as much of the cannabinoid as possible. After all that’s the whole point of taking it, right?

That’s why we’d always advise anyone wondering how to take CBG oil to do so via sublingual administration – a fancy Latin phrase that basically translates to “under the tongue”.

The reason we’d recommend the sublingual route is because taking your CBG this way avoids the gastric acid and intestinal/ hepatic enzymes in your digestive system, which would destroy some of the compound.

Furthermore, in addition to increased bio-availability, the effects come on faster as the CBG enters your bloodstream quicker when taken this way, so this is hands down the superior mode of administration. 

The only drawback with the sublingual route is the CBG oil can have an earthy/bitter taste, but if you can ignore that minor inconvenience then the rewards are plenty. 

To take your CBG oil this way, simply raise your tongue and place a few drops until it dissolves. Between 30-60 seconds should be enough. 

cbg oil capsules

If you’re a bit put off by the slightly bitter/earthy taste then another way to take your CBG oil is in capsule form. You can take CBG this way either by buying pre-made capsules or by purchasing empty casings and creating your own. 

Making your own can be a bit fiddly, but if you’re prepared to spend a bit of time filling your own capsules you can actually get a lot more bang for your buck as manufacturers will charge quite a lot more for pre-made capsules due to production costs. 

One important thing to remember about oral ingestion is administering your CBG this way means it’ll need to pass through your digestive system so unfortunately some of it will be broken down and lost. Subsequently, your body won’t absorb as much compared to sublingual ingestion.

In Food/Drink

If you’re really not a fan of the taste and you’d rather avoid the fiddliness of capsules, another way to get your CBG oil into your system is to disguise it in food/drink.

Popping some in some fruit juice or a smoothie will mean that not only will you be getting a healthy dose of CBG but you also won’t even notice it’s there. Alternatively, you could pop a few drops on a cookie or sweet treat, which should hide the taste well.   

CBG E-Liquid

Now we’ve gone over how to take CBG oil, it’s probably a good time to mention you can also vape cannabigerol too! So if you’re a vaper or you’re interested in vaping then this is another option.

Actually, it’s a great option as those who vape their CBG enjoy significantly higher bio-availability compared to those who take oil. 

When we take CBG oil, bio-availability varies between 25% and 40%, whereas vaping has been proven to provide 50-60%. Some studies have even shown that figure to be as high as 80%.

So if you already vape then trying a good-quality CBG e-liquid is probably a no-brainer! Alternatively, if you’re not interested in vaping/e-liquid then just stick to your CBG oil.

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