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How To Stop your Vape from Exploding

2023-04-11 09:56:51

There have been recent reports on vaporizers exploding. These reports include explosions in owners’ pockets and, in some cases, in their faces – leading to painful burns and other injuries. Reading these reports and about the resulting severe injuries is quite concerning. However, with proper precautions vape usage is quite safe.

This can be due to not following manufacturer's instructions, using faulty charging equipment, unsafe charging habits in general, carelessness, and using low-quality vaping equipment. What follows is an in-depth look at what causes these accidents and how you can prevent vape explosions from occurring.


The lithium-ion batteries in your vaporizer are far stronger than the batteries you find in wireless devices such as television remotes. Vape batteries can hold a strong charge and, if overcharged, they can be dangerous. When charging your vaporizer, always follow the directions concerning charge time and the type of voltage used for charging.

The video below shows you how to properly charge one of our premium vaporizers.

Many vape pens have USB charging ports and can be connected to several different charging plugs, such as the ones used for cellular phones. Never use a different charging plug than the one your vaporizer came with. The included charger is specifically designed to match the voltage rating and charging needs for your vape as per the manufacturer. Also, these plugs are of higher quality assuring a safe charge.

A key danger with using a completely different USB charging plug is that a lower quality plug may not match its printed voltage and can be hazardous in general due to poor build quality. Just because a plug fits does not mean it is in any way safe, so always follow the directions.

Along with following the charging directions, you need to also practice safe charging habits. This means you should not do any of the following when charging your vape:

You should never leave your vape plugged in and unattended. This means no charging while you are asleep or away on business or an errand.

Do not leave it plugged in for too long as this can lead to overcharging even with the correct plug. Always follow the exact manufacturer's charge times and unplug it when it is fully charged.

Do not plug it into a computer or other USB capable devices such a smart TV or a USB hub. Vaporizer chargers are designed to be plugged directly into a wall outlet.


Another cause of vaporizers exploding is batteries being exposed and damaged. If you are like many vaporizer owners, you carry it in your pocket when it is not in use.

One news story notes that an explosion was likely caused due to a missing battery cover. 

In the above case the batteries external coating was likely damaged and when pressed against the owner's metal keys this caused a grounding effect leading to an explosion. Had the battery cover been in place, the explosion would likely not have occurred.

Aside from grounding dangers, exposed batteries can be damaged in other ways leading to leaks or explosions due to the batteries being damaged. Also, never carry loose batteries in your pocket as this is highly dangerous. If you do have spares in your possession, always make sure they are in a case with a proper safety rating and kept away from metal objects.


Weather can also cause vape explosions. In general, batteries are at their safest between 50 and 115 degrees Fahrenheit. Extreme cold and extreme heat can damage a lithium ion battery and, once damaged, the battery itself becomes hazardous if the vape is used or charged.

The cheaper the battery is, the more vulnerable it is to damage from extreme fluctuations in temperature. This not only increases the chances for explosions, but can also lead to fires. To avoid these issues, the use of high-quality products is advised.

A high-quality vape pen and batteries will greatly decrease the chances of shorting out which potentially leads to explosions or a fire. Also, if you live an area prone to very hot summers or very cold winters, be aware of your local weather conditions.

As noted above, a higher quality vaporizer can greatly reduce the chances of explosions or fires. It's not only cheap or damaged batteries you have to look out for, but also cheap vape pens. A cheap vaporizer can cause an explosion with perfectly functional batteries simply because it is a badly made and unsafe device.

When you start vaping, a high-quality vaporizer is a good investment. A high-quality vaporizer charges properly and keeps the voltage at safe levels when charging and also when in use. Aside from being safer, higher-quality vaporizers are also more pleasurable and fun to use as they offer features that a less-well-made product does not.

Before buying a vape, do research on the manufacturer. As many vaporizers are made overseas there is a growing market for cheaply made and counterfeit devices. Always review the reputation of a seller and the products they sell before buying. Always do due diligence if you are concerned about the safety of what you're buying.

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