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How to Spot a Drug User

2023-11-08 15:22:39

There are often clear warning signs that point to someone using drugs. A change in behavior alongside some clear physical indications, such as meth sores, are the telltale signs that a person is using drugs.

You are probably wondering, what are meth sores? They are open wounds that can form almost anywhere on the body. That is just one of many potential warning signs to look out for.

Let’s take a look at some clear warning signs that indicate someone is using drugs.

Relationship problems

A classic sign associated with drug use is when someone becomes withdrawn and steps away from relationships with friends and family. 

The drug user might also change their friendship circle to reflect the people they have become entangled with.

Work or school performance deteriorates

Depending on their age, a drug user might start to perform badly at work or suffer lower grades at school. This often coincides with a noticeable drop in their attendance rate.

Money problems

Drug use and financial problems often go hand in hand. A marked increase in their level of borrowing might be due to an attempt to keep up their drug habit.

Are prescription drugs going missing?

You might notice that your regular prescription drugs start to go missing on a regular basis. Opioid abuse is at record levels, and using someone else’s prescription drugs is an easy way to feed a habit.

A change in personality

Drug use can have a profound effect on someone’s personality. An increased display of agitation and hostility towards others could be a warning sign.

Their usual smile has gone

If a loved one has turned from someone who has a happy and positive attitude to being more withdrawn and sad, drugs could be the reason.

Drug use can induce feelings of sadness and produce depressive symptoms.

Eye health is a key indicator

As well as personality changes, there will often be physical clues to heed. These include a noticeable change in the condition of their eyes.

Look for enlarged pupils. You might also notice they have bloodshot eyes or a bit of glassy stare.

Reduced inhibitions

Drug use can often lead to someone displaying a much lower level of inhibitions than many of us would be comfortable with.

Too much energy to burn

Drug use can make someone experience increased levels of energy and a heightened level of confidence. 

You might even notice that they are trembling or twitching. These traits can often be explained by drug use when they reach unusually heightened levels.

A change in eating habits

Drug use can often trigger changes in eating patterns. When someone is taking drugs, they might start eating a lot less than usual, or they could display a more voracious appetite than usual.

These are some prime examples of behavioral and physical changes to look out for. It should be remembered that drugs impact people in a variety of different ways. You know how your loved one behaves and looks normally. Any changes should prompt some questions, as they might need help.

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