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How To Save Money Buying Vape Supplies In China

2023-07-07 10:27:00

If you're currently smoking, this might be news to you, but it's true. If you're interested, you can use this helpful tool on our homepage to calculate your potential monthly savings.

The technological aspect of vaping causes a lot of people to automatically assume that vaping is expensive. It's true that the hardware side of vaping can be pricey, but once you've paid for your vaporizer,

 e-liquid is going to become your primary expense.

Because e-liquid is so much less expensive than cigarettes, your brand new vape will actually pay for itself in no time. 

Once you get a taste of the savings, you can't help but wonder "what else can I do to save money?" We're here to tell you that you're on the right track. 

The savings don't stop with the purchase of a vape. Let's talk about a few ways to cut your vaping expenses.

1. Shop for Vape Supplies Online with SEO, hel your buyer to find you easy by google or bing

There's definitely something to be said for supporting local businesses. That is if you can afford to. If you're on a tight budget, your finances will greatly benefit if you take your business to the web as the best deals are almost always online. The fact of the matter is that competition drives prices down. Your local vape shop is competing with a few other vape shops down the road, while online vape shops are competing with other online vape shops from all over the world.

Naturally, the competition is fierce, and it keeps prices low. Whether you need a new vape, e-liquid, wick, coils, etc., you'll likely find it cheaper online than you will at a physical vape shop.

2. Starter Kits

If you're in the market for a new vaporizer, you should consider buying a starter kit. Buying a starter kit will initially cost more than buying a vaporizer by itself, but the starter kit will actually save you money in the long run.

Starter kits usually come with an assortment of items that you'd end up buying anyway. It might come with extra cartridges, e-liquid, etc. The included items are usually essentials. Starter kits are great because they typically cost less than the sum of their individual products.

Typically, the included items are things you'd just end up buying separately anyways. You may as well take advantage of the discount. Plus, if you're ordering your vape online, you'll save a ton just because you were able to avoid paying for each item's individual shipping.

Vaper Empire's line of premium vaporizers is one the best on the market, and all of our vaporizers happen to come in a variety of different kits. Check out our starter kits and save some money in the process.

3. Buy Bottles of E-liquid in Bulk

E-liquid is rather inexpensive, especially when compared to cigarettes. In fact, e-liquid's tendency to be inexpensive is primarily what makes vaping so cost-effective. This is common knowledge among vapers, but a lot of people don't know that e-liquid can become even cheaper when you buy it in bulk.

Instead of buying one bottle of e-liquid at a time, look into e-liquid companies that reward bulk purchases with discounts. You'll be surprised by how much you save. You'll often end up with a free bottle of e-liquid or two.

Granted, most people don't want twelve bottles of the same e-liquid. That would get old pretty quickly. Luckily, Vaper Empire offers several e-liquid assortments appropriately called "E-liquid Value Packs," and they're sold with a bulk discount that can save you a good chunk of cash.

That's right, you get an array of different flavours, and you don't even have to pay the full price for them. This is an incredible value. Usually, buying e-liquid in bulk means using the same flavour for months at a time. The option to buy a variety of e-liquids with a bulk discount is an absolute godsend.

4. Use the Honey Chrome Extension

You may or may not be familiar with Honey, the user-powered, coupon-finding web extension. It has a massive user base, and anytime someone with Honey uses a coupon online, that coupon is stored in Honey's database.

When you make a purchase on a website for which Honey has stored coupon codes, it automatically tries every coupon at checkout and keeps the one that gives you the biggest discount.

You might be thinking "can this extension really get me discounts on vape supplies?" Yes! We can't promise that it will, but it certainly can. We included this tip because this extension has actually helped some vapers save on vape supplies more than once.

We've heard of vapers getting up to 50% discounts on e-liquid orders thanks to coupons automatically applied to their orders by Honey. It only takes a minute to install, and according to some users, it's well worth the minute of your time. Nothing feels better than thinking you're going to pay one price, and then only having to pay half as much.

Honey pops up in the corner of your web browser when you come to a checkout page, so you don't even have to remember to use it. It'll remind you. Honey can save you money when you buy vape supplies as well as a wide variety of other items.

5. Buy Cartomizers in Bulk

This tip is in the same vein as the bulk e-liquid tip, but it needed to be included. A lot of vapers know about bulk e-liquid discounts, but you don't hear about bulk cartomizer discounts nearly as often.

The V-Pack II is an awesome cig-a-like vape with a portable charging case that almost looks like a cigarette box. You can tell that it isn't really a cigarette box, mainly because it looks a lot more luxurious and has a digital display.

It'll keep your e-cig charged, and it even has room for spare cartomizers. With your e-cig constantly charging and a spare cartomizer around at all times, there's nothing standing between you and a full day of vaping.

Seriously, the unit itself is nothing short of innovative, but that isn't why it's been mentioned here. We brought it up because you can save a ton of money by ordering its cartomizer replacements in bulk. We're about to do some math, so go ahead and launch your phone's calculator app.

The basic cartomizer package comes with 5 cartomizers, which only cost $14.95: already a great price. Then there's the bulk option: a package that comes loaded with 80 cartomizers. That's equal to 16 packs of 5 cartomizers.

To find the retail value we just multiply $14.95 by 16, and we end up with $239.20. However, instead of the bulk option costing $239.20, this package of 80 cartomizers only costs $149.50. That's what we call a discount! If you're interested in instantly saving about $90 on vape supplies, this is the way to do it. 

6. Invest in a Dependable Vaporizer

Buying that off-brand vape clone to save $20 might seem like a good financial decision right now, but the idea won't seem as good when your vaporizer stops working a couple of weeks after arrival. If you initially spend more money on a dependable vaporizer, you won't have to replace your not-so-dependable vape in the future.

Honestly, which sounds better? Buying three $50 off-brand vaporizers, each breaking one after the other, going weeks without a vaporizer waiting for your replacement, all while never even getting good vapour quality in the first place, or spending $150 on a high-quality unit that functions well and lasts a lifetime? The answer should be obvious: go with quality and save money in the long run.

You end up spending the same amount of money on the $150 vape, but you actually get a satisfying, stress-free user experience. Now, those prices were obviously pretty convenient. We admit that we made them up for the sake of making a point.

Still, it's more or less what happens when you spend money on cheap vaporizers that randomly stop working. The example may have been exaggerated, but the general dynamic is all too real. If you're looking for a truly dependable vaporizer, we recommend checking out the Vibe. Its construction is very solid, and it was built with high-quality materials.

The Vibe will hold up very well over time, and it's extremely compact. Despite its small form factor, it performs like an absolute boss. You simply won't find another vape like this one. It strikes a perfect balance between portability and performance that no other vape has managed to pull off.

7. Save Money on Vape Supplies

These are just a few of the ways that you can save money when buying vape supplies. A lot of these tips involve spending more money initially, but, quite often, that's the best way to save money in the long run. Try to get your supplies online unless you come across a better deal at your local vape shop, and avoid wasting money on low-quality vaporizers that won't last.

It's better to spend more money on a vaporizer that will last because it'll keep you from having to buy another vaporizer in the future. Additionally,  get bulk discounts whenever possible, and go with money-saving bundles such as value packs and starter kits when the option is available.

This one should go without saying, but understand what you're buying before you buy it. Unresearched impulse buys can really set you back if you make a habit of it. Keep these things in mind, and you can rest easy with the peace of mind that comes from being an efficient shopper.

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