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How to Reduce Your Nicotine Intake When you Vaping

2023-09-08 15:35:48

How to Reduce Your Nicotine Intake When you Vaping?

Vaping is an excellent option for those looking to quit smoking and reduce their nicotine levels. Vape juice prevents nicotine withdrawals and allows your body time to adjust to vaping. 

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However, this chemical compound is highly addictive. That's why in this article, we will display six simple steps to how you reduce your nicotine intake when vaping!

Reduce your Nicotine Methodically

Put your faith into an easy-to-follow numerical system that will slowly reduce your nicotine levels over time! You mustn't rush this process or go completely cold turkey right away. If you do, 

you might cause further damage to your body by bouncing back too fast or harm your mental stability.

That's why reducing your nicotine slowly and methodologically will provide the right amount of time for you to reach zero in your own time. 

A key component to remember is that every person is different, and thus, reducing your nicotine level might take longer or faster than others.

Switch to a Refillable Vape

Most vapers begin with a non-refillable E-Cig with a mid-high nicotine level. But once you start reducing your nicotine level, you will need to switch to a refillable vape. 

This switch is to improve the control of your nicotine levels.

This is the time to lower your strength and begin to keep track of your puff per session . 

You need to be observant and see if you start to puff more to make up for the lower amounts of nicotine.

how to reduce nicotine with vaping infographic


Gradually Work Your Way Down

Sometimes the jump between the nicotine levels can be difficult. So try not to rush your progress and allow yourself time to work your way down the levels. This process could be long, 

but if take your time, we’re sure you will hit your goal.

Be Consistent and Stay Positive

Reduce your nicotine intake due to the addictive properties of nicotine, and this will not be an easy feat. 

So it would be best if you remembered to be consistent throughout each transition and decrease in nicotine level. And most importantly, remain positive and reflect on your own goal

filling vape with e-liquid

Begin Mixing Nicotine Free Liquid with Nic Shots

Once you've reduced your nicotine level, you can begin to utilise shortfills and nic shots to lower levels. 

Shortfills are purposely underfilled to leave room for you to add a nic shot. A nic shot is a small bottle of pure nicotine that can be added to a short fill, and allow you to have further control of you nicotine intake. 

Check out our guide to short fills and nic shots in our blog.

And once you’ve managed to get to 0mg nicotine, you can celebrate and enjoy vaping without nicotine. Vaping with 0mg can be extremely helpful to prevent a relapse of nicotine intake.

Celebrate the Small Victories

Remember to celebrate your small victories along the way and find pride in your perseverance and dedication to succeeding in your goals.

Resilence and easy-to-follow steps will reduce your nicotine intake when vaping in no time.

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