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How To Maintain Your Disposable Vapes?

2023-11-15 13:47:26

How To Maintain Your Disposable Vapes?

Your vape will collect dirt, dust and e-liquid residue throughout the course of the day, even if it’s just in your pocket or bag. To avoid a build-up of bacteria, 

it’s best to clean the tank at least once a week. Not only will you gain optimum performance, you’ll enhance the flavour too.

It’s also worth cleaning your vape each time you change your e-liquid flavour, to avoid getting a stale taste of the last one you used.

This is much easier than you might think – and it’s quick too! All you need is warm water and a cloth or piece of kitchen roll to dry the tank.

Firstly, pour away any leftover e-liquid from the tank and disassemble it. Rinse the tank thoroughly under running warm water to ensure you wash away any lingering e-liquid residue, 

then dry the tank as much as you can.

To ensure the tank is completely dry, leave it to air dry for around 10 minutes before putting it back together. It really is that simple, so there’s no excuse to not clean your vape.

It’s important to note that the coils can’t be cleaned, so you will need to replace these every few weeks depending on how often you use your vape.

As tempting as it is to leave your vape where you can see it, it’s best to keep it out of direct sunlight. Exposure to sunlight and high temperatures can affect the battery pack and flavour and, in turn, 

compromise your vaping experience.

Keep your vape at room temperature and store it away from water (another element that can affect the battery). You may want to consider storing your 

vape in a protective case (as you would your phone) to keep it working properly.

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