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How To Keep your Battery Sale For Your Disposable Vape?

2023-10-09 10:17:59

Your Disposable Vape batteries are not like the typical 13350 or 18650 batteries for your Vape

 They’re pretty powerful and need to be handled with care. Battery safety may seem like common sense, but many people aren't familiar with how to deal with these carefully.

 Store Your Batteries Properly

Your vape batteries need to be stored in temperatures ranging from 55 degrees and 79 degrees. If they come into contact with temperatures higher than 120 degrees, it could be detrimental to your devices’ health.

It’s pretty evident by now that batteries don’t align with heat. However, they also don’t agree with the cold either. Temperatures below 65 degrees can be the death of your batteries. Freezing temperatures may be the end of your vape batteries, and they may never work again.

They might not blow up in this instance, but replacing them will cost you money. Vape store locations in the US sell vape batteries for $ 8 to $ 15, protect your investment.

 Batteries That Emit Sparks are Bad

You should pay attention to your vape batteries at all times, whether it’s internal or external. If it throws sparks or you happen to see some “lightning” for any reason whatsoever, it may be time to throw out that battery. Batteries that emit sparks are a fire hazard and can “flame out” at any time. In worse-case scenarios, flaming out could even lead to an explosion, and you most definitely don’t want that to happen when you’re close to your vape device or using it.

Batteries also contain a type of acid inside them that may burn your skin when it gets hot if the flame doesn’t get you first.

  Don’t Leave Your Vape on and in Your Pocket.

Many new vapes have safety cut-offs, but that doesn’t mean they won’t explode in your pocket. Vapes work by the use of a trigger button which you push to get it to produce vapor. Only a few of them are activated by placing the vape on your lips and inhaling.

This is especially the case for new vapers, who acquire a vape model but don’t know the basics of battery safety and ways of handling vape batteries. If you own a vape device and are looking for the best ways to handle batteries safely, here are five tips to help you.

 Always Check Your Batteries for Defects

Vape devices and vape batteries are prone to factory defects, just like any manufactured piece of equipment. Such defects can be the cause of your machinery to malfunction, or worse, causing both physical harm and property damage.

When you discover a defect in your batteries, simply return it to the vendor. Quality vape store locations in the US only deal in quality vaping products. There’s usually a number with every vape product you purchase, and you can call it to make a return and get a refund.

 Never Leave Your Batteries in a Car

Sometimes, it’s inappropriate to bring your vape pen everywhere you go, and you may decide to leave it in your vehicle. Leaving your vape in your car isn’t a very wise decision. Like how it is never a great idea to leave other items in your vehicles such as soda cans, food, or an aerosol can, vape batteries are the worst of these things and one should never leave them in the car. The temperature of your car on a hot day can reach well over one hundred degrees.

That is more than enough to cause an explosion of your vape batteries and catch your car on fire. To effectively carry it with you and simply turn off your vape or take out the battery.

If the vape is in your pocket while it’s on, you may accidentally press the trigger button. This is especially the case if you wear pants that are tighter, such as skinny jeans.

 However, it doesn’t matter how tight your pants are or aren’t. Trigger buttons can also be pressed simply by sitting in a certain way during your vape in your pocket.

Now, if you continue to push the trigger unknowingly while the vape device is in your pocket, it will get hot. Additionally, you’ll also create a stress draw on your batteries, 

and either of these two factors can make the batteries explode. It may not blow up in your pocket but could occur when you take your next hit from the device. This is a grave incident and can be detrimental to your health.

A lot of vape devices have a locking feature. If you don’t want to turn it off, and if you’re going to put the vape in your pocket, either use this feature or turn it off.


If you use your device daily, these tips on battery safety will help keep your batteries in tip-top shape and allow them to last longer, with zero incidents.

 As an additional precaution, never use your vape pen while charging. Doing so increases the risks of explosion because you double the stress on the batteries,

  and it’s also unhealthy. With these safety tips, you can use your vape responsibly, allowing it to have a longer life span and work effectively.

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