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How To Inhale Vape A Step-By-Step?

2023-04-17 10:00:52

Did you know many new vapers make a common mistake? And that is engaging in an improper way of inhaling vapes. Well, it is not their fault per se. Most times, they are not exposed to the right information that could help them through their beginning phases. But you can avoid making this same error as a newbie. So, this article is designed to help you understand how to inhale vape properly. It is easy to digest and runs as a step-to-step guide. So, make sure you read till the end. But before we dive deep, let’s first cast our minds back to what vaping is.


What is Vaping?

Vaping is the act of inhaling vapors produced by an e-cigarette or other types of vapes. It works by the vape heating up a liquid inside the vape tank. The liquid is usually flavored based on the varying preferences of most vapers. Once the liquid is heated up, it turns into vapor which the user of the vaping device then inhales.

What is vaping

How to Vape?

Now, this is where many vapers miss it. You don’t just enter a store and ask for a vape. The truth is that there are many different ways of inhaling vapes. And sometimes, most of these vapes are sold based on their inhalation systems. However, the two major ways of inhaling vapes are:

Mouth-to-lung (MTL)

Direct Lung (DL)



For starters, you must be aware that this is the inhaling technique most smokers crave. So, if you are transiting from smoking to vaping, this is perfect for you. How does it work? Mouth-to-lung is mostly compatible with smaller vapes, i.e., smaller vapes with high resistance coils which use high nicotine. Taking a draw from these types of vapes has a unique effect. It must feel tight. That is, it should feel like you are sucking air through a coffee straw! And that gives a similar hit to the throat that smoking does. So, it is a simple way of inhaling vapes.

To summarize, here is how MTL works again:

Gently take a draw from the vape into your mouth

Hold the vapor in your mouth for a few seconds

Open your mouth and breathe. But breathe vapor into your lungs

Do not swallow the vapor. Allow the breathing to give the needed hit to your throat.

Breathe out once the vapor is in your lungs.


Direct Lung

Unlike the MTL method, this technique works best for bigger vapes with low-resistance coils. And these vapes also have low nicotine. Ever used a milkshake straw? Then you would relate to the draw on these devices. When you draw on them, these vapes make the most vapors. Not only so, but it also feels like taking a "bong hit". Interestingly, most people regard this drawing as easy, smooth, and seamless. And that is largely because it contains the least amount of nicotine.

For more clarity’s sake, here is how the direct lung inhalation technique works:

First, you draw fast on your vape.

Then, draw directly to your lung.

Finally, release the vapor almost immediately.

There could be a grey area, though. Sometimes, you may be unable to decipher which type of draw or inhalation technique is best for your vape, especially if your vaping device has adjustable airflow. What leads the way here for the drawing to use is usually the nicotine content in the vape. And if you are confused about how to go about that, follow the recommendation below.

High nicotine (that is between 12mg-60mg) works best with mouth-to-lung.

Low nicotine (that is between 0mg-6mg) works best with the direct lung inhalation technique.

Medium nicotine (that is between 6mg-12mg) accommodates both types of methods.

NB: It is mostly advised that vapers should not go over 6mg nicotine level for direct lung inhales.

how to inhale a disposable vape

3 Easy Steps of Inhaling a Vape

The different approaches to inhaling a vape have been simplified into these three main ways.


When you take a draw on your e-cigarette, take a slow and consistent puff till the heated vapor fills your mouth. Well, this usually feels like smoking a cigar. However, vaping affords you the opportunity not to draw the vapor directly to your long, at will. And this is so that you can have the smoking hit you so desire.

Hold & Exhale:

Once the vapor is in your mouth, hold it for 3-5 seconds before inhaling it into the lungs. Then, you could also exhale it through your nose or mouth after a short period. And note that you can only absorb nicotine through the lungs with e-smoking. But, interestingly, there are other ways you can also absorb nicotine. And that is via the lungs and nose.


You see, that nice 'hit' you look forward to and enjoy is only felt about 8 seconds after taking the puff. However, e-cigarettes absorb nicotine through the mucus membranes. So, that makes it take up to 30 seconds till you feel the effect, but it would definitely come. The little lax in time had many e-smokers frustrated in the past because they didn't understand. But over time, they eventually all get used to it.


How Often Should I Vape?

Vaping preferences differ from person to person. And the frequency at which people vape is based on many personal factors. Thus, giving you a specific regularity to your vaping might seem arduous. However, you can put certain specifications into consideration while thinking about how often you should take vapes. So, the fact remains that there is no rule of thumb as to how often you should vape.

Most vapers' frequency depends on the health risks attached to such regularity. However, some do not vape heavily simply because they do not have the time. Vapers who vape once a week are regarded as light vapers. And the mild frequency could be a result of the purpose of vaping. Some vape for recovery, and some do just to pass the time.

Moderacy is always the call while vaping. It is the safe zone where you are not setting yourself up for unnecessary acute health risks due to heavy vaping. And moderate vaping works mostly for those who are gradually stopping smoking. This is so that you are taking just enough to repress any form of addictive tendencies that might tamper with your sobriety journey and healthy enough not to cause major health issues.

Beco Lux

How to Vape with the Right Nicotine Strength

If you are looking to take in about 3mg – 6mg, then 1-7 cigarettes per day are what gets you there

To get a nicotine strength of 12mg, you would need to take about 8-13 cigarettes per day:

If you take about 14 cigarettes and above, you stand a chance of hitting 18mg in nicotine strength in your system


It is smart to engage the right information so as not to put yourself at risk of health challenges. Misusing vapes and the wrong inhalation style could get you into trouble. Thus, you can leverage the knowledge shared above to make the right choices if you are a first-time vaper. They are yours for consumption. So, take advantage of them today.

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