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How To Ghost Vape?

2023-09-15 14:10:19

How To Ghost Vape?

There are many videos on YouTube and other social media platforms to learn these tricks. If you want to charm your friends, you can begin with one of the easiest: ghosting or ghost vaping. 

Named as such because the vapor comes out much thicker than it looks solid and resembles a ghost. The trick has a little more flair to it, though. 

The vapor is inhaled again to accentuate the effect of looking like a ghost.

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What Is Ghost Vaping?

One way new smokers introduced themselves to smoking cigarettes without coughing was to do the "ghost puff." It was a trick back in the day that prevented the smoke from entering the lungs. 

In much the same or similar way, ghost vaping creates a puff of smoke that takes the form of a ghost.

This cool trick involves holding a mouth hit of your vape device in your mouth for a few seconds before exhaling it. Holding it in allows the vapor to thicken so that upon release,

 it floats like a thick cloudy ball. This makes it easy for you to take it right back in.

Now you see it; now you don't, almost like a ghost.

Ghost vaping appears easy to do but yet impressive to witness. A surefire way to impress friends, especially if you're starting out.

Why Ghost Vaping?

If there are many tricks available to vapers, why start with ghost vaping? To learn to fly, one must first learn to stand and walk. A great philosopher once said those words.

 Not only is ghost vaping a great way to dive into vaping trickery, but it is also great fun and easy to perform, especially for beginners.

Ghost vaping doesn't need much with regard to skills, which is a good thing. This way, you can shed away the fear of embarrassing yourself in front of your friends. 

Unlike the vapor bubble that needs soap, water, and a toilet paper roll to work, it neither requires props nor elaborate set-ups, nor materials to perform.

You can up and go anywhere with only your vape Pen and any flavor of your choosing. And also, a bit of time, practicing. Something simple but impressive, and ghost vaping gives you that.

How To Ghost Vape 

Although ghost vaping is not a difficult trick to learn, it requires much concentration and patience. Below are the basics steps to help you both begin and improve.

Inhale The Right Way

The make or break of ghost vaping lies in the inhaling technique employed. Inhaling is the most critical part of any vaping trick, including ghost vaping.

Those familiar with smoking can attest to how different vaping is.

Vaping almost always heads straight for the lungs than smoking. It is more common to take a mouth hit with smoking cigarettes but a lung hit when vaping.

It is like drinking liquid with a straw—it is immediately gulped down.

When attempting a ghost vape, what you need is a mouth hit. This implies holding the vape in your mouth rather than inhaling it into your lungs. 

Doing this will allow the vape to take a ball shape that will pose little trouble when pulling it back in the second time. Also, avoid breathing while the vape is in your mouth. This can affect the vapor quality of the ghost.

If you're unfamiliar with the sensation of a mouth hit, you don't need to try a cigarette. Instead, try drinking water from a bottle with a straw. However,

 instead of swallowing the liquid, 

hold it in your mouth. That's a mouth hit. When you gulp it down directly from the straw, you get a lung hit.

You should not hold the vape in your mouth for longer than five seconds. Two seconds is long enough for the dense ball shape to form.

Releasing: The O Way

Ghost Vape Release

The second part of the trick requires the most concentration for an optimal result. Releasing the vapor for this trick isn't the same as regular vaping. 

Blowing or breathing out a cloud of vapor does you no good here. No, this requires control.

The aim is to release a much thicker cloud that has form. To do this, form a tight O shape with your mouth before releasing the vapor. The tighter the O shape, the better the vapor cloud. 

Once you've achieved the perfect O shape, release the vapor with the help of your tongue.

Pushing the vapor with the tongue can help it retain its shape. But be mindful of the force behind the push. The amount of force used will impact the vapor cloud's density and the distance traveled. 

The greater the force, the thinner the cloud, and the farther it travels, and vice versa. This is vital as it affects the difficulty of the next step.


One major aspect of a ghost is that one moment, it's there, and the next, it's gone. The vapor ghost needs to disappear. Hence, inhaling again. Like with the second part of the trick, 

the shape of your mouth or lips plays a significant role in a successful inhalation. The larger the shape of your mouth, the faster you can draw the ghost back in. 

The smaller the shape of your mouth, well, you know the rest.

A medium opening of the mouth provides a balanced inhalation. By leaving the mouth halfway open, you ensure that the inhalation is neither too fast nor too slow. 

Most people prefer a slower approach as it offers an artistic flair that is appealing and impressive to audiences.

Remember, the shape of your mouth should have your lips facing outwards or away from your mouth.

Also, minimize your movement when inhaling. This is a rookie mistake. Most beginners fear the cloud will dissipate or lose its shape before they get a chance to capture it. So,

 they move too fast to inhale, destroying the ghost in the process. You don't want that. A slow and steady movement allows the ghost to linger a while longer and gives you a better chance of capturing it.

With that, you now know how to ghost vape. No special equipment or props are needed. No customized box mod, atomizer, battery pack, or vaporizer. 

All you need is a portable vape, patience, and a few practice sessions, and you can wow your friends in no time at all.

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