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How To Get The Best Flavour For Your Vape

2023-05-11 10:43:52

If this sounds like you, we’ve got you covered. Just like cloud chasing, you can tailor your vape build to get the most flavour out of every last drop of e-juice.

There are 7 factors to think about:

Wattage and temperature control

Different elements of e-liquids come out at different settings. This is because specific flavourings vaporise at different temperatures. This works in combination with the ohm coil you have. an atomizer head has a range of wattages printed on the coil itself to let you know what is best to fire the coil at. Think of it this way, food will always taste better when it is cooked to perfection. This applies to eliquid too and you will need to play about with your settings in order to find your “sweet spot”. We recommend that you start with a lower wattage and work your way up until it’s just right.


In contrast to cloud chasing, reducing the airflow will help to produce a denser and more flavoursome vape. Just remember that you do need some airflow, otherwise, the vapour can be too hot or won’t get through your device. The same as with power settings, we recommend you start low, with a tighter airflow, and adjust your way up until you find the right balance. Also, think about where you are positioning your air holes. When the holes are directly underneath your vape coil you should find there is more flavour.


The coil plays a big part in how much flavour you are able to bring to the table. Old style atomiser/coils have the problem that they work against gravity. Not a good idea! This means they don’t wick as effectively and may produce dry hits. Since those days, bottom coil atomisers have been introduced. Following that, come sub-ohm devices. They support atomizer heads that are lower than 1.0 Ohms and significantly increase the amount of vapour and flavour produced. Finally, rebuildable atomizers offer the ultimate experience. It’s a bit more hands-on, but if you’re comfortable with making your own coils, then go for it! They offer a level of customi

Wicking material

The material that you use for your wick and coil can make a huge impact on how much flavour you can taste. Old style silica wicks muted the taste of e-liquids. Cotton is now considered to be the best. We recommend Japanese Organic Cotton, as it offers the best absorption.


Typically, PG is the flavour carrier for your eliquid. The higher the PG the more flavour. But this also carries a greater throat hit - like cigarettes. It’s all about finding the right balance between PG and VG. A 50/50 ratio is ideal. This still offers great flavour, with excellent vapour production and a manageable throat hit.

Drip Tips

There are a large variety of drip tips available on the market, from the wide bore to narrow, and long to short. In general drip tips improve flavour.


Yes, it’s next to Godliness! The cleaner your tank, coil and wicking material, the better the vape. So don’t get sloppy guys. Replace it when it’s time. You’ll be grateful you did!

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