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How to Fix Common Problems For Disposable Vape Troubleshooting

2023-11-25 10:16:48

This can be very frustrating - the whole point of a single-use vape is that they are supposed to be easy. You should just take them out of the packet and inhale.

Fortunately, issues don’t happen that often. However, when they do you will want to know what to do.

In contrast to a refillable device, there’s not always a lot you can do. However, sometimes you can troubleshoot the issues.

In this post we’ll cover common issues and what causes them, as well as possible solutions when they exist.

You’ll also find one solution which will fix all your future disposable issues!

Do note that the solutions we provide are geared towards UK users, and can be different from American disposables, which are often rechargeable.

A man holds a disposable vape device to his lips.

Table of contents

My disposable device is firing when I am not using it

My disposable device tastes burnt

My disposable vape device isn’t firing

My vape is getting hot

Blinking LED light

Insufficient vapour

How to clear the mouthpiece

One solution for all disposable issues!


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My disposable device is firing when I am not using it

Disposable devices like Elf Bar and Crystal Bars can sometimes fire when they are not being used.

This doesn’t happen that often, but can be annoying when it does.

What’s the cause?

This is caused by auto-inhaling, and it is usually caused by internal leaking which affects the sensor inside the device.

If you have a device which has had some internal leaking, causing the sensor to become more sensitive, you can sometimes simulate this issue by tapping the air hole.

How can I resolve the issue?

In most devices, the automatic cut off will kick in when the device has fired for a while.

Sometimes you can stop the device from auto-firing by shaking it.

However, if you do have a faulty device, I highly recommend that you stop using it.

If you bought it from a vape shop, return it for a refund. If you bought it from an online store, report it to the seller.

If the device keeps on firing, as a safety precaution it’s best to place it in a hard container or, if one isn’t available, on a hard surface.

Do not try to remove the internals, as this will void any warranty and a supplier will not take liability for it.

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My disposable device tastes burnt

Sometimes your device will taste burnt.

What’s the cause?

One reason for this is because the disposable vape device has used up most of the e-liquid. The coil will no longer be saturated with e-liquid and will burn.


If that’s the case, there’s not much you can do. If you find this annoying, you’re best off switching to refillable vape devices which last longer, cost less money and are better for the environment.

Still, if it is a new device, it’s worth checking the mouthpiece to see if there is dust or debris inside it.

A hand holds a bright, pink disposable vape device.

My disposable vape device isn’t firing

Sometimes you can take a drag and the opposite of auto-firing happens - i.e. nothing!

What’s the cause

If you’ve been using a disposable device for a while, the battery has probably gone. Alternatively, you may have used up all the e-liquid.

However, if it is a new vape device, the battery should not be dead, and you should still have e-liquid in the pod.


If it’s a new device, it’s worth taking a look to see if there is any fluff or debris blocking up the mouthpiece.

Also make sure you have removed any stickers from the bottom of the device, and any stoppers from the top. (It may sound basic, but I made this mistake the first time I used a disposable.)

If you have a rechargeable device such as theLana Airship, you can also charge the device up again.

My vape is getting hot

Vape devices do get warm, as after all they use a battery to heat up a coil.

However, they should not get uncomfortable to the touch - especially if the outer casing is made from plastic.

What’s the cause?

Disposable devices can heat up when you take ultra-long drags, many drags close together or if the airflow is restricted.

Problems are also caused if you store the device in a hot place and/or where it is exposed to direct sunlight.


If it is getting hot, put it down for a while and let it cool down. Avoid taking ultra-long drags close together. It’s also worth checking the mouthpiece to see if anything is obstructing the airflow.

When storing the device, place it in a cool dark place.

In the unlikely event that the device continues to overheat, you should again place it in a hard, closed container. If this is not available, place it on a hard surface. Leave it until it is cool and report the issue to the seller.

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A man holds a disposable vape to his lips.

Blinking LED light

A blinking LED light can mean a couple of things.

The puff length has been exceeded

Some devices come with a maximum puff length. That means that after you inhale for a certain amount of time, the device will cut off. The blinking can be a signal that this amount of time has been exceeded.


1. Wait a little while for the blinking to stop.

2. Avoid ultra-long drags when you vape again.

The battery has come to the end of its life

A blinking LED light can also indicate the battery is nearly out of juice.

You may or may not get a few more puffs out of it.

If your device is not rechargeable, it’s best to change it for a replacement.

If it is rechargeable, you can then charge it up. (Remember, it’s always best to get a rechargeable device if you can.)

The device is faulty

If your disposable device is blinking when you first buy it, that’s an indication there is a problem with the device.

What’s the cause?

This could have been caused by a number of issues, including:

Internal leaking, sometimes caused by changes in air pressure in transport

Rough handling

A fault with the sensor

A faulty coil

A faulty battery


Unfortunately, there’s little you can do to troubleshoot this. The best thing to do is report it to the seller.

It’s best to do this asap, as the warranty on devices is usually dead on arrival, and you don’t want your seller to think you have used it before claiming it is dead!

Insufficient vapour

Sometimes you can inhale, and you don’t get much vapour or hit from your disposable.

What’s the cause?

If you are not getting enough vapour from the device, and you do not have battery issues, that can be caused by issues with airflow. It could also be caused by a weak battery, or by an underperforming coil.


Ensure that the mouthpiece is clear.

You should also check that you are not covering any airholes with your fingers when you inhale.

If the battery is weak, either purchase a new device or, if you have just bought it, return to the seller for a replacement or refund.

How to clear the mouthpiece

If you have a device where you can remove the mouthpiece, take it off and hold it up to the light. Then use a toothpick to clear it of any obstructions.

Unfortunately, with most UK disposable devices you can’t take the mouthpiece off. However, you can usually use a toothpick or pin to clear it out.

An elf bar stands on a marble table.

One solution for all disposable issues!

Disposable devices can be a great introduction to vaping, but they come with their drawbacks.

They are expensive to use on a regular basis, costing on average around £2.50 per ml compared to just pence per ml with regular vape devices.

They are also bad for the environment.

In contrast, reusable devices cost less and are less harmful to the environment.

They are also easier to fix when they go wrong!

In contrast to disposables, you can recharge the device when the battery dies, or replace the coil or pod if it burns out.

Our current favourite reusable device is the Lana Mini, as it is highly reliable (less than 0.5% have issues), performs well and works well with disposable-style flavours like Elfliq.

However, if you want something that mimics the ease and convenience of disposable vapes, try a prefilled pod system such as the Lana Trend

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