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How to Find a reputable vape seller

2024-01-17 15:51:53

There is no doubt that find a reliable vape seller is important whether it’s bricks and mortar or an online shop. If you are going to buy disposable vapes in the UK, NewVaping is a good place to go because it is one of the top online vape shops in the UK that always puts customer in the first place, for the safety and health of customer, and for fully compliance, NewVaping ONLY provides qualified and TPD Compliant vape products. There is also global vape wholesale shop available if you are not in the UK. So for the first step before purchasing, please make sure you’ve found a trustworthy vape shop. There are many online smokeshops like Ooze where you can buy vape pens. If you are looking for an Ooze discount code to save money on Ooze products, then you need to check out which has thousands of deals on other smoking accessories.

Choose a reliable vape brand

When talking about purchasing a flavoursome soda beverage, the brand of lanavape is always the first one coming to my mind. But why? Because it almost meets all my need: reliable, delicious, cheap, and most importantly kill my cravings for soda beverage. Hence it is the same story when purchasing a disposable vape. In short, the disposable brands like Elf Bar, Geek Bar, MOTI PIIN, Elux Bar, and Dinner Lady are highly recommended if you are the first time vaping. These brands are specialized in vape industry for years and their vape products are properly registered on Medicines and Healthcare Regulation Authority (MHRA) website.

Check if the specifications are compliant to your local law

As I mentioned above, a compliant disposable vape in the UK should comply the following regulations(where you can find the information easily on the package or their official websites):

A maximum 2ml e-liquid capacity

A maximum of 20mg nicotine

A nicotine warning label

Generally speaking, a TPD Compliant disposable vape like lanaBar or lana mini can offer 300 puffs – 1000 puffs with maximum 2ml e-liquid and 350-550mAh battery capacity. Whereas higher capacity of e-liquid and nicotine strength may legal beyond UK market, like Elux Legend Pro – 3500 Puffs and 10ml of e-liquid, it is illegal in the UK market since it violets the TPD regulations.

Final Thoughts

After knowing what is a disposable vape, what is e-liquid and how to get safe disposable vape, the answer to the question is clearer, qualified and compliant disposable vapes are much safer than combustible cigarettes according to our vape review analyse. Now it is best time to ditch your smoking habit and make a switch to vaping not only for the sake of your health but also for your wallet. 

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