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How to Choose Vape Overview (Price, Types, Flavors & Wholesale)

2023-04-18 10:10:49

If you live on the west USA, you’ve probably run into a Select product at some point. This company is one of the fastest growing and innovative players in the cannabis market today.

Select was founded in 2013 after one of its co-founders spent time around a roommate with an incredibly awful cough. While the cough wasn’t related to any illness or long-term issues, it was obvious that the issue flared up anytime he smoked and something irritated his throat.

In the brand’s introductory video, they explicitly name silica fiber glass as the ingredient in question, but the issue wasn’t limited to one ingredient. The overall idea of low-quality ingredients and parts pushed the creation of Select, a company determined to focus on cleanliness, health, and product safety

Select Cannabis Standards

Select Cannabis is a CuraLeaf brand, and it carries high-quality standard such as:






All ingredients that go into Select products meet the highest standards for both potency and pesticide safety in every state, and the company’s internal requirements are often more protective than what each state requires.

This ensures that everything you consume, from edibles to high quality oils, is as safe as it can be for human consumption. Select products do not include controversial cutting agents such as vegetable glycerin, propylene glycol, or Vitamin E acetate, instead relying on natural terpenes for potency and flavor.

Select also endeavors to build and maintain respectful and transparent relationships with the farmers that are the backbone of every cannabis product. Not only is this the right thing to do, but it ensures a reliable supply of quality ingredients for Select goods.

While other companies may focus on getting as many carts and mods on the shelf as possible, Select hand-fills each cart for human-verified quality control. In fact, the company has 4 quality control stations that work hard to make sure everything you buy provides the exact flavor and effects you expect.

At the end of the day, Select has proven its commitment to innovation and advancing the cannabis industry. While Select vapes are a major product that consumers cannot wait to purchase and recommend, the company never stops looking for ways to make things better.

From complimentary cannabis consumables to proprietary blends and methods, Select is partially responsible for taking us into a new age of cannabis consumption.

Select Cannabis Awards and Recognition

Everyday consumers like us are not the only ones to recognize Select as a stellar company.

In 2020, Select ranked 45 on the Inc. List of Fastest Growing US Companies. Furthermore, Oregon Business listed Select as one of the Top 100 Best Companies to Work For in 2018 and 2019.

Selects reputation remains strong on the west coast, and BDS Analytics recognized the company as the best-selling cannabis brand in the area.

All this goes to show that, even before you dive into Select vapes and complementary cannabis products, you’re working with a company that values its business, respects its workers, and doesn’t disappoint its customers.

Select Vape Products and Prices

Select Edible Price & Details

One of the more accessible products offered by Select are their edible products. These unique consumables were carefully crafted and designed to have a faster onset, last longer, and ensure optimal THC absorption.

These include:

Select Bites: for the edible experience you love; made with 11 Hydroxy THC and available in Passion Fruit (Sativa), Blueberry (Indica), and Strawberry Peach (Hybrid); lowest onset time

Select Nano Bites: novel formulate with Delta 9 THC cannabinoids and NANO encapsulated cannabis oil composition; more predictable and stable effects similar to inhalation; available in Tangerine (Sativa), Peach Mango (Hybrid), and Pomegranate (Indica); fastest onset time

Select Snooze Bites: equal ratio CBD and CBN; perfectly formulated blackberry gummies to help you unwind at the end of the day

Select Chill Bites: mango flavored CBD gummies formulated to help you tune out the stresses of everyday life

Select Recover Bites: equal ratio CBD and CBG designed to help you bounce back from hard hitting days; watermelon flavor

Select X Bites: for experienced cannabis users; formulated with liposomal encapsulated cannabis oil to ensure fast delivery, stable effects, and a long-lasting experience

Select X Bites have the widest array of flavors, including Strawberry Spacewalk, Orange Matter, and Rainbow Upload.

Regardless of which edible option you choose, Select endeavors to ensure you get the effects you need in a timely manner and steady release. Their edible products are one of the best examples of the brand’s dedication to innovative technology and safe consumables.

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