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How to Choose Vape Coil For Disposable Vape

2023-12-06 10:11:02

At Vape Mark we make it easy to choose the right coil for your device with little prior knowledge of all the variables that can make choosing coils a challenge for newer vapers. 

Use our handy COIL FINDER to match the perfect coil for your chosen vape kit, pod or tank. 

Coil Resistance 

Coil resistance is a key factor when selecting a vape coil, and it’s crucial to understand its implications on your vaping experience. As previously mentioned, the resistance of a coil is measured in ohms and determines how easily electricity flows through the coil. 

Sub-ohm coils (with resistance less than 1ohm) are popular for DTL vaping and typically produce larger vapour clouds and more intense flavours. However, they require higher wattages and can quickly drain your battery. These coils are ideal for vapers who prioritize vapour production and flavour intensity. 

Higher resistance coils (above 1ohm) are preferred for MTL vaping, which closely resembles the inhalation process of smoking a traditional cigarette. These coils use less power and provide a longer battery life, making them a great choice for vapers who value a more discreet and energy-efficient vaping experience. 

Typical Vape Coil Resistances: 

0.1 - 0.6ohms: Low resistance, suitable for Sub-Ohm, DTL (Direct-to-Lung) vaping with High-VG E-liquids and high-powered devices such as advanced vape kits and box mods.  

0.6 - 1.0ohms: Medium resistance coils, suitable for RDTL (Restricted Direct-to-Lung) vaping and a slightly tighter DTL sensation, best with 50/50 and higher-VG e-liquids and more advanced pod kits.  

1.0 – 1.4ohms: High-resistance coils, suitable for MTL vaping with high-PG, 50/50 and Nic Salts e-liquids and low-powered devices like starter vape kits and pod kits. 


Not all vape coils are compatible with all vape devices. To ensure a safe and enjoyable vaping experience, it's important to choose a coil that matches your device's specifications. Pay attention to the recommended wattage range, coil resistance, and device compatibility stated by the manufacturer. 

If your device features Automatic Coil Detection, it will automatically adjust the wattage based on the coil's resistance, ensuring optimal flavour and vapour production. 

Vaping Style and Preferences 

Your personal vaping preferences play a crucial role in selecting the right coil. If you prefer DTL vaping with large clouds and intense flavour, low-resistance sub-ohm coils are likely your best option. For a more discreet, cigarette-like experience, higher resistance coils are ideal for MTL vaping. 

In addition to resistance and material, consider the coil's design and wicking material, as these factors can influence flavour and vapour production. 

By understanding your vaping style and preferences, you can tailor your vaping experience to your liking and get the most out of your e-cigarette device and favourite e-liquids. 

Coil Material 

The material used for your vape coil can significantly impact your vaping experience. Kanthal is a widely-used material due to its affordability and durability. It's known for its ability to maintain shape even at high temperatures, making it a reliable choice for vapers of all experience levels. 

Stainless steel is known for its fast ramp-up time, temperature control compatibility, and clean flavour profile. Nickel and titanium coils are primarily used in temperature control mode, if your device offers that feature, delivering a consistent vaping experience by regulating the coil's temperature. 

Priming your vape coil means soaking the wick in e-liquid before using it for the first time. This helps prevent dry or burnt hits and prolongs the lifespan of your coil. 

How to Prime a Coil 

Add E-Liquid to the Wick: Before inserting the coil into your tank, apply a few drops of e-liquid directly onto the exposed cotton wicking material. 

Install the Coil and Fill the Tank or Pod: Insert the coil into the tank/pod and fill it with your desired e-liquid. 

Wait: Allow the e-liquid to soak into the wick for about 5-10 minutes. 

Start Slowly: Begin vaping at a lower wattage and gradually increase until you reach your preferred setting. 

By priming your coil before vaping, you’ll ensure a smooth and flavourful start to your vaping experience. 

Maintaining and Cleaning Your Vape Coils 

When should You Replace a Coil? 

A vape coil typically lasts one to three weeks, depending on usage and e-liquid type. Signs you may need to replace your coil include: 

Decreased vapour production. 

Altered or burnt taste. 

Visible grime or wear on the coil. 

Cleaning Your Coils 

 While some vapers prefer to replace coils, some coils can be cleaned to extend their life. Here’s how: 

Remove the coil and rinse it under hot water. 

Allow it to dry thoroughly (at least 24 hours). 

Re-prime the coil before using it again. 

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