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How to Choose Nic Salt E-Liquids

2023-07-24 15:02:36

At the beginning of this article, we promised to provide a strategy that’ll make choosing the right vape juice nicotine strength incredibly easy. 

We’re going to narrow down the entire pool of candidates to just two different nicotine strengths, in fact, and we’re going to do that by looking at the type of vaping hardware you’re using.

Your vaping device is designed for one of two inhaling styles. If you use a small device like a pod system, your device is designed for the mouth-to-lung inhaling style.

 You’ll know that because the device will have a small mouthpiece and because you’ll feel a good amount of air resistance when you inhale through it.

If you have a large vape mod, on the other hand, your device probably has a large glass tank with a wide mouthpiece that’s much larger than the filter of a cigarette.

When you inhale through the tank, you’ll feel almost no air resistance. Your device is designed for the direct-to-lung inhaling style.

With those things in mind, here’s how to choose your nicotine strength.

If you have a mouth-to-lung vaping device, you should generally use nicotine salt e-liquid. With most vape juice brands,

 that means you’ll be choosing between nicotine strengths of 25 and 50 mg. If you’re currently a smoker and are completely new to vaping, we recommend the 50 mg nicotine strength. 

If you’re already a vaper and are currently using a pre-filled vaping device, we recommend the 25 mg nicotine strength because you’ll probably find that your first refillable

 vaping device produces bigger clouds than the pre-filled device you’re using now.

If you have a direct-to-lung vaping device, you should generally use freebase nicotine e-liquid. That almost always means you’ll be choosing between nicotine strengths of 3 and 6 mg.

 In this case, we recommend the 3 mg nicotine strength. That’s because today’s vape mods produce such enormous vapor clouds that the higher 6 mg nicotine strength is overkill for most people.

So far, we’ve only covered one of the reasons that might have brought you to this article: You want to know how to choose the right nicotine strength if you’re buying e-liquid for the first time.

 Next, we’ll cover a second – but equally important – topic. Let’s suppose that you’ve already purchased your first vaping device and bottle of e-liquid. You’re tried using your device, and you’re not happy with the experience. Is it possible that you’re using the wrong nicotine strength? Here’s how to tell if your nicotine strength is too high or too low.

If your nicotine strength is far too high – you’re using nicotine salt e-liquid with a direct-to-lung vaping device, for instance – vaping will probably make you feel ill. 

In this case, you should stop vaping immediately, empty your device’s tank and switch to an e-liquid with a significantly lower nicotine strength. As we mentioned above,

 we recommend a nicotine strength of 3 mg for direct-to-lung vaping devices.

If your nicotine strength is slightly too high, you may find that you get an overwhelming sensation of throat hit or throat irritation when vaping. You may feel jittery.

 You’ve probably felt a similar sensation as a smoker. At one point or another, you might have lit up a new cigarette immediately after putting the previous one out,

 but you were compelled to put out the second cigarette before finishing it because the experience was no longer pleasurable. Vaping feels like that if your nicotine strength is too high.

 In this case, you should step down from the 50 mg strength to the 25 mg strength or from the 6 mg strength to the 3 mg strength.

If your nicotine strength is too low, you’ll find that vaping never quite leaves you feeling satisfied even if it seems like you never actually put your device down. 

If you’re using the 3 mg nicotine strength with a direct-to-lung vaping device, you should consider stepping up to the 6 mg strength. If you’re already using the 6 mg strength,

 you should consider buying a mouth-to-lung device and switching to nicotine salt e-liquid.

What’s the Ideal Vaping Setup and Nicotine Strength for a New Vaper?

Above, we described the differences between mouth-to-lung and direct-to-lung vaping devices, and we explained the proper nicotine strengths to use with those two types of devices.

 How can you tell which type of vaping device you should use, though, if you’ve never actually tried vaping before?

We’ll answer this question in the simplest manner possible. If you’re new to vaping, we recommend starting out with a small refillable pod system. You can buy one for around $20, 

which is absolutely perfect if you have no vaping experience and are afraid to make a large investment in something that you might not actually like.

The main reason why pod systems are so great for new vapers, though, isn’t the fact that they’re affordable.

 Pod systems are designed specifically to take maximum advantage of nicotine salt e-liquid and to provide a vaping experience that captures the feeling of smoking a cigarette as closely as possible. 

You definitely want a mouth-to-lung device if you’re new to vaping because that’s the best way to experience the satisfying throat hit that you’ll want as a new vaper.

As we mentioned above, we suggest buying the highest available nicotine salt strength – usually 50 mg –

 for your first vaping device because that strength will come close to matching the nicotine delivery of a tobacco cigarette. If you’re an infrequent smoker, though –

 you only smoke cigarettes when you’re out with friends during the weekend, for instance – you should consider starting with the 25 mg strength instead.

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