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How to Choose an Package Case For your Vape

2023-06-08 10:36:06

you have come to the right place. Searching for the perfect electronic cigarette case can be difficult, especially if you have specific needs you want to be met. E-cig carrying cases were not meant to be bulky, big, or clunky. E cig cases should be small enough to fit inside of a woman’s purse or a back pocket. You should look for an electronic cigarette carrying case that is compact, sensible, and stylish.

An important feature of any case is the space it provides. The case should be large enough to hold your batteries and your cartridges, but compact enough to be able to leave it in your jacket pocket throughout the day.

Another important feature you may feel the need to look into is protection. There are different types of cases for different levels and types of protection. Another great feature that is somewhat important to certain 

individuals is a rechargeable case.

Apollo Electronic Cigarettes Case

Benefits of Owning a Case

Not only do you have the ability to carry around your rechargeable electronic cigarettes discreetly, but with the right e-cigarette case you will be able to carry around all of the extra supplies you may need . If you ever accidently drop your e-cig on the ground, you will not have to worry about your supplies rolling around everywhere; the case will be there to protect your electronic cigs from shattering, breaking, cracking, or any damage at all.

Cases also help prevent against water damage; if a few drops of water drop on your case, you won’t have to worry about water damage to any of your items.

Apollo E-Cigarettes Case

Types of Cases

There are electronic cig cases that are sealed with zippers, buttons, and Velcro. These seals secure the electronic cigs and ensure there is no chance of the accessories or the e-cigarettes rolling around or falling out and becoming damaged while you are carrying them. In some e-cig cases, there are mesh pockets inside that allow you to store extra batteries, atomizers, cartomizers, extra accessories, and/ or e-juice.

Metal cases are the most reliable way to carry your e cigs around; these cases are protective, durable, and accident proof. If you believe yourself to be clumsy, work in a job that is highly demanding and provides you with chances where you may be roughed around a bit, or have small children around, this is the best type of case for you. These metal cases run around the size of a smart phone, which makes them highly portable. Most metals cases have rounded edges; this will prevent you from being jabbed in your chest, arms, or leg while the case is in your pocket. Some of the most popular colors are stainless steel, graphite, and a glossy white.

v2cigs e-cigs carry case

Portable Charging Cases

Another great type of case is the portable charging case. If you are often running out of battery away from home, then this case is the best choice for you. If you are worried about the portable charging cases being larger and bulkier in comparison to the metal cases and soft cases, you will be surprised to find that the portable charging cases are the same size as the other aforementioned cases — about the same size as a smart phone. With the portable charging case, you will be able to keep all of your vaping items inside of your pocket.

If you are worried about the size of your e-cig battery not fitting inside your case, you will be pleased to know that e-cig carrying cases hold and protect standard size and smaller sized rechargeable batteries.

The outside design of the portable charger case is the same as a normal case, except for the additional buttons on the outside of the case. On the exterior design of the case, there is a USB port that is used for charging. You can charge the case with a USB cable in your car, on your computer at work, or with a universal charger that you can purchase online.

V2 Cigs Charging Cases

There are also two rows of LED lights on the exterior design of the case. These rows are labeled “Case” and “Cig.” Depending on the charge of your case and the charge of your battery, the lights will light up at different levels.

On the inside of the portable charger case, there are two slots for you to put in your batteries. One of the slots for the battery has a screw in point on the far left that can be pivoted to make inserting your battery a bit easier. All you have to do is screw in the battery and hold the button down in order to start charging your battery.

The blue LED light tells you how much your case is charged. There are five different LED lights; when all of the blue LED lights are full, the case is fully charged. The red LED lights let you know how much charge is in the battery. When there are a five solid red lights, that means that your cig is fully charged. It will take longer to charge your case than the e-cig, , but you get the benefit of power on-the-go.

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