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How to Choose A Vape Kit that’s right For Myself

2023-11-29 10:39:22

What do vapers need? The first and most crucial essential is a reliable vape device. There are various types of vape devices available, but the most common ones for beginners are vape pens and pod systems. Vape pens are commonly considered starter kits because they are straightforward and user-friendly, while pod systems offer convenience with pre-filled or refillable pods. Choose a device that suits your preferences and needs!


We have a comprehensive blog post that goes over everything you’ll need to consider when you’re making this choice. Check out the post here: The Best Vape Kit For You

Coils and Replacement Pods

Coils (for vape pens) and replacement pods (for pod systems) are essential components that require regular changing. These heating elements wear out over time, affecting flavour and vapour production. It's essential to replace them periodically to ensure the best vaping experience. 

Keeping a supply of coils or replacement pods on hand will circumvent any potential interruptions in your vaping process. 

One coil/vape pod should last around 3000 puffs, so if you’re going to a festival or any sort of short-term event, we recommend that you carry around a spare unit or two. They’re quite small, so carrying them around shouldn’t weigh you down. Typical pod devices (they can also be referred to as pod vape kits) will typically come with pre-filled pods for extra convenience, but you'll still have to replace these when they are either burnt out or have run out of liquid.

Pen kits, vape mods (also known as box mods) that have detachable vape tanks will just need to be filled with your chosen e-liquid - it's advised you use a high pg mix so you get a seriously cloudy inhale!

Pick an e-liquid you won’t get sick of

E-liquids, also known as vape juices, are what you'll be inhaling to produce vapour. These vape liquids come in a wide range of flavours, from fruity and dessert to menthol and tobacco. Find a flavour that you won’t mind vaping all day long by starting with a few flavours that appeal to you and explore from there. Remember to choose nicotine e-liquids with a nicotine strength that matches your preference too. Vampire Vape e-liquids and other 10ml bottles we stock will usually have a 70/30 VG/PG mix that'll deliver some seriously luscious clouds! If you're looking for something a little more intense, our nicotine salts (also known as nic salts) are 50/50 e-liquids that will deliver a stronger throat hit that even experienced vapers will be sure to enjoy!

It can be a little aggravating to carry around numerous 10ml e-liquid bottles, so a great way to save space is to use a shortfill. This is a kind of liquid that require you to add your own nicotine shot. They are great for carrying around because it minimises space in your bag and lets you decide on the exact amount of nicotine you’d like to vape. 

Read all about them here: What is a Shortfill?

Battery and Charger

For vape pens, pod kits and other devices that have internal batteries fitted, having a fully charged battery is essential for uninterrupted vaping. As a result, you will need to carry around a charger cable – most devices have a USB-C port these days – although we recommend that you use the one that came with the device you have.

Some devices have built-in batteries, while others use removable batteries. 

If your device uses removable batteries (most devices have 18650 batteries), invest in a good quality charger to keep them juiced up and ready for use. We have a range of batteries and chargers available here: Vape Batteries & Vape Chargers. 

We have a guide available on how you can charge your device/ vape batteries safely: How To Safely Charge Your Vape Kit

Also, make sure to check out our guide on How to Take Care of your E-cigarette Batteries!

Safety and Maintenance: Caring for Your Device

Safety should always be a priority. Familiarize yourself with your device's user manual and follow safety guidelines to prevent accidents. Regular maintenance is essential to ensure the longevity and proper functioning of your vape device. Keep your device clean, store it correctly, and handle it with care.

We have two guides here that will ensure you will always be safe and get the most out of your hardware!

s you venture into the world of vaping, remember that not everyone appreciates the smell of vapour. Be mindful of where you vape and respect the preferences of those around you. Some places may have specific rules regarding vaping, so always be aware of your surroundings. Knowledge empowers you to make informed decisions and enhances your overall vaping experience. Every vaper's journey is unique, and finding your perfect vape may take time. Be patient, and don't be afraid to try different devices, flavours, and settings. Experimentation is part of the fun, and it allows you to tailor your vaping experience to your liking.

Summary of what you need

So, to sum up, here’s a breakdown of what you’ll need on your daily vaping journey:

Vape kit

Spare Pod/Coil


Surplus of e-liquid

By embracing these vaping essentials, you'll be well on your way to an exciting and fulfilling vaping adventure. Remember to prioritize safety, stay informed, and have fun exploring the vast world of vaping flavours and experiences. Happy vaping!

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