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How to Charge Your Disposable Vape

2023-12-05 10:00:29

Most vapes have a light that is connected to the battery, which will illuminate when the e-cigarette is on and flash when the battery is low.

Typically, your vape will either have an integrated battery or a removable battery.

How to Charge an E-Cigarette With an Integrated Battery

When the battery is low or flat, plug the charger into the end of your e-cigarette.

Insert the other end of the charger into a USB port or connect it to an adaptor that fits into a wall charging port.

Leave your vape to charge for 1-4 hours (consult your manual for specific advice).

The light on your e-cigarette will typically either flash green or turn off to signify it has reached full charge.


vape battery in a charger

How to Charge an E-Cigarette With a Removable Battery

When the battery is low or flat, unscrew the attachment on your vape and remove the batteries from the device.

Fit the batteries into the charging device and make sure they’re securely in place. Pay attention to the markings on the charger to ensure the batteries are facing the correct way around.

Plug the device into the wall and leave it to charge for around 3 hours (consult your manual for specific advice).

The light on the charger will typically flash to indicate when the batteries are fully charged. When this happens, remove the batteries from the charger and replace them in your vape.

Vape Battery Troubleshooting

Is it Possible to Overcharge a Vape Battery?

Yes. Just like the rechargeable battery in your phone, laptop, or camera, it’s possible to overcharge the battery in your vape. When you leave your battery plugged in long after it has finished charging, it can weaken the strength of the battery, making it less able to hold its charge and more susceptible to damage.

Always unplug your vape batteries as soon as they’ve finished charging to protect their longevity. 

tips to extend the battery life of your vape


Can I Leave My Vape to Charge Overnight?

We wouldn’t recommend it. Just like any rechargeable battery, vape batteries are sensitive to overcharging. If you leave your e-cigarette batteries charging overnight, it could cause them to deteriorate in quality over time, meaning they won’t hold their charge as well, and they are at a higher risk of becoming damaged.

Can I Vape While Charging the Kit?

It depends on your vape. Some models have ‘pass-through’ capabilities, which means they will carry on charging while in use. However, it’s always important to check the manufacturer guidelines for information about whether it’s safe to use your particular vape while it’s charging.

How Long Does a Vape Hold Its Charge?

Again, it depends on your vape and how often you use it. One charging period can last up to 2-3 days for certain models, while others will be significantly less. Smaller vapes tend to have smaller batteries, meaning they’re light and portable but likely won’t hold their charge for as long as the larger batteries that are fitted in bigger vapes.

When Should I Replace My Vape Battery?

Typically, rechargeable batteries are designed to last between 300-500 charging cycles, which can equal out to 1-2 years, depending on how much you use your e-cigarette. As a rough guide, consider replacing your batteries once a year.

Can Vape Batteries Explode?

Just like any battery, if you don’t maintain your e-cigarette batteries correctly, there is a risk of overheating or leakage. Overcharging can put a strain on the battery, causing it to overheat or crack. Leaving batteries out when not in use can also expose them to damage. Luckily, these are easy things to avoid – don’t charge your vape batteries for any longer than necessary and keep them stored in a case when not in use.

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