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How Much Does a Vape Cost?

2023-10-17 17:11:04

the disposable nature of cigarettes, vaping naturally lends itself to a more sustainable model wherein the e-cigarette is simply recharged and reused. 

Although this initial vape cost may feel a little daunting at first, electronic cigarette prices vary from as little as £5 to as much as USD 200. Even with this initial outlay, vaping has significant long-term savings.

How Much is the Cheapest Vape?

Although vape prices vary, vaping costs little more than your daily cup of coffee. The cost of vaping involves:


An e-cigarette can cost anything between £6 and £50 depending on the brand and type of device.

The cheapest vapes are usually closed-system devices like ready-to-use pens and pod kits that offer few customisation options.

 These include pod-style e-cigs that cost on average USD15-USD30. The more expensive options are open-system devices that offer more flexibility and personalisation. 

These include pod and box mod vape kits which tend to cost between USD22 and USD50.

Although the upfront cost of an e-cig can be a little off-putting to those new to vaping, this is a one-off cost and a necessary expense to help ex-smokers make significant savings. In fact, the only ongoing costs include liquids and coils with the occasional need to replace tanks and batteries.

For those that would prefer to avoid the initial outlay of a vape kit, disposable vapes are a convenient option with prices starting from just £5 per e-cig. It’s worth noting, however, that the throw-away nature of disposable vapes means higher long-term costs compared to vaping with a refillable device. Based on a £5 disposable lasting 3 days, the yearly cost of vaping disposable e-cigs amounts to around £608 per year – a significant saving on smoking costs, but almost double the annual cost of vaping with a refillable kit.


E-liquids are available in various formulations to suit all vape inhalation styles. Costing between £3.99 and £9.99 a bottle, this is one of the few expenses involved in owning an e-cig.

The total you’ll spend on e-liquids depends on your chosen formulation – high VG e-liquids are designed to produce big clouds of vapour, and will inevitably consume more liquid than low VG liquids, which use less liquid per puff.

Vapers opting for high-quality 50:50 e-liquids will pay around £3.75 per bottle and can expect a 10ml bottle to last between two days and a week depending on smoking habits. Based on one bottle lasting a week, the total spent on e-liquids amounts to £195 per year.

Multi-saving deals allow vapers to save even more money, with 12 for £26 taking the yearly e-liquid cost to just £113.


The coil is responsible for heating your e-liquid and converting it into vapour. This means that both burn and clog over time, making it necessary to change them frequently to prevent the unpleasant taste of a dry hit.

Though the time needed between coil changes depends on your vaping habits and the type of e-liquid you use, it’s safe to assume you’ll rarely use more than a coil per week (52 per year).

Coils tend to come in packs of four or five, meaning you’d need between 11 and 13 packs in a year. Costing anywhere from £8 to £12 per pack, coils will set you back approximately £88-£156 each year.


Though e-cigs come with a suitable tank, vapers can choose to upgrade their tank or replace one that experiences general wear and tear over time. A new tank costs around £20, and this is likely the most expensive component you’ll pay for.


E-cig batteries are rechargeable and only need to be replaced once the quality has deteriorated. Since this doesn’t happen often, you’re unlikely to need more than two batteries per year. Priced at £10 each, the maximum outlay for batteries totals USD 20.

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