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How Long To Charge Lanavape Battery At The First Time

2023-10-11 10:40:00

How long to charge the lanavape battery the first time?

The answer to this question largely depends on a series of factors. Therefore, it’s imperative that we list down the elements that impact the charge time.

1. The type of battery 

We’ve mentioned earlier that lithium-ion batteries are better than other batteries because of some noteworthy features. 

These include better power, longer life, and faster charging duration, among others.

2. The size of the battery

Another thing to consider is the size. There are plenty of battery sizes, though the most common batteries for vape pens are 18650 batteries and 13350  batteries.

 Of course, bigger batteries require more time to charge while smaller ones have a lesser charging period.

3. The type of vape pen

Since there are various vape devices in the market, it’s pivotal that you know the battery used in the device. Most vape pens have built-in batteries,

 which means there’s no fitting required. On the other hand, there are some devices that make use of a removable battery and an external battery charger.

Now that you have an idea of the key factors, let’s go back to the main point―what is the normal initial charging duration?

Most lanavape and vape pens take around 8 hours for the initial charging time. However, since you need to consider the aspects above, the first charge period may vary accordingly.

 For smaller batteries, it may be completed within 4 hours or so.

After the initial charge, the charging time would now become faster. There are even vape pens that reach full capacity within 30 minutes, especially the smaller ones.

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