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How Long Time Dose Vape Juices Last?

2023-09-21 10:45:10

How long do vape juices last?

The answer is that after purchasing, your e-liquid shelf life can last up to two years if it has been stored correctly.

 Value for money or what? This isn’t us saying that every vape juice will go bad after two years,

 different ingredients can also have an impact on determining how long vape juices last.

PG (Propylene Glycol) and VG (Vegetable Glycerine) are featured in all vape juices whilst differing in quantities and both can affect the properties of your vape juice. 

In short, liquids that are high in VG provide a smoother throat hit and denser cloud production, however liquids high in PG provide richer flavour whilst also preserving the e-liquid for longer, 

giving you a longer vape juice shelf life.

It’s important to check the percentage ratio of PG to VG in your liquid before purchasing, it’s also worth mentioning 

that you shouldn’t choose a liquid that’s high in PG for the sole reason that you want it to last longer, you should choose a ratio that suits your style of 

vaping and is compatible with your device and coil resistance.

You can find our guide to picking the perfect vape juice here on

How to store vape juice?

To get the most out of your favourite e-liquid, keep it in a cool, dark place like a cupboard or a drawer, preferably at room temperature, 

this will keep the flavour more consistent for longer.

Vape juices don’t like too much heat, so if you’re experiencing a scorching summer's day, we’d recommend the best way to store vape juice in this climate would be in the fridge.

Can vape juice expire?

Luckily for us vapers, e-liquids are shelf stable, meaning if they’re stored correctly, they will last over two years before going bad.

 If they’re opened and stored in hot, moist conditions you’ll start to notice some changes to your once delicious liquid.

What happens when vape juice expires?

Unlike food, when your vape juice does go bad, it won’t make you sick. It does, however, have the ability to smell slightly sour,

 or of nothing at all, losing its fresh, sweet smell. Once inhaled, you might find its nicotine quantity has reduced along with the taste becoming neutral.

Vape juice storage is the most important aspect when making sure your e-liquid doesn’t go bad. Our experts advise you to store your collection in a dry, dark cupboard or drawer at room temperature, a hot tip would be to put them in the fridge during hot, stuffy days. Follow this rule and you’ll be vaping like a pro, with a consistent flavour all year long!

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