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How Dose The Vape Affected You?

2023-05-22 10:16:01

Educators argue vaping in schools is harmful to students. Many teachers want the New Zealand Government to follow Australia's lead and tighten vaping rules, over concerns today's youth are at risk of becoming tomorrow's smokers.

There are currently no plans to follow Australia's crackdown on vaping, which will ban the import of non-prescription vaping products and all single-use vapes, restrict flavours and colours and further limit nicotine concentration and volumes.

But vaping isn't bad for everybody. It can be a useful tool for cigarette smokers to quit smoking.

The reason for such a large shift was a huge switch to vaping, as addicted smokers ditched cigarettes for good.

Stuff's recent Difficult Converstions saw commenters give their thoughts on vaping in schools.

Some argued vaping was damaging the health of school children. Others said vaping had been crucial for helping them or someone they know give up smoking.

Stuff reported a Christchurch mum watched her teenage son get hooked on vaping, causing his health to deteriorate. He has now quit, and his health has improved.

We want you to share how vaping has affected your life, whether it's been positive or negative.

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