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How Do You Spot a Fake Disposable Vape?

2023-12-14 10:26:21

How do You Spot a Fake Vape

Now that you understand what a serious concern fake vapes are, it’s time to learn how to spot them. We’ll begin with some general tips that can help you identify any fake vape, and then we’ll continue with some more specific tips that apply to individual brands.

A fake vape will often have a box that doesn’t look as nice as the box for an authentic product. The images and text may be blurry due to the use of a low-quality printer or because the maker of the product tried to scan and copy a real box. If the maker of a fake device tries to recreate the design of an authentic box from scratch, the images and fonts may not quite match. Also, the boxes for fake vapes are often made from low-quality cardstock that crumples easily.

A fake vape may not have the holographic stickers or other anti-counterfeiting measures found on authentic devices.

A fake vape will never have a code that passes the original manufacturer’s authenticity checker. In the past, it was common for thousands of fake vapes to all have exactly the same authenticity code because the manufacturers knew that most people would never check them. Today, the makers of fake vapes have gotten smarter, and a few actually put fake QR codes on their products’ boxes. If the QR code on a box is fake, it’ll send you to a website that claims your device to be authentic even though it isn’t. If a QR code sends you to any website other than the original manufacturer’s site, the device is definitely fake.

A fake vape may not display the correct nicotine warning for the region in which it’s sold and may also be sold in a flavor that’s not officially available in that region.

Fake vapes often have signs of poor build quality, such as misaligned parts.

If it’s a brand and flavor that you’re very familiar with, you’ll probably notice that a fake vape doesn’t taste the same as an authentic device.

we’ve given you the tools that you need in order to ensure that you never end up buying a fake vape. You’ve learned all of the tricks that the makers of fake vapes use to dupe consumers into buying fake products, and you’ve also learned what some of the most popular manufacturers in the vaping industry are doing to stop the makers of counterfeit devices from gaining the upper hand.

So, how can you make sure that you’re always getting an authentic product when you buy a vape? We’ll leave you with some final tips.

Always check the authenticity code every time you buy a vape. If you use the QR code, check the domain name of the website that you’re visiting because fake authenticity checkers have become extremely common. The most reliable way to check a device’s code is by visiting the manufacturer’s website manually and typing in the code yourself.

When you buy a vape, check the packaging carefully for blurry printing, spelling errors, spacing anomalies and unusual font choices. 

English is not the primary language of most of the people who produce fake vapes, so it’s very common for fake vapes to have small grammatical errors on their boxes.

Always buy vapes from a reliable vape shop and avoid retailers that don’t specialize in vaping products. Reports from consumers have suggested that most fake vapes end up in places like gas stations and convenience stores.

Be vary wary if the seller of a disposable vape asks you to test the device in the store and insists on throwing the box away for you. A fake vape can easily be packaged in an authentic box, 

and that makes the scam even more difficult to detect. There is no reason why you can’t take the box home and dispose of it yourself.

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