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How Do We Choose Shortfills for Disposable Vape

2023-09-14 15:21:00

We are huge fans of shortfills! They have a wide range of flavour profiles, are cost-efficient for users, and can help people wean away from nicotine. Similarly, 

it makes the whole vaping process easier as you only have to carry one bottle around with your kit if you need a quick refill!

When it comes to shortfills e-liquids, you have no shortage of choices. There’s always something out there that will be able to fit your taste, 

so it’s just a process of matter trying out what you like and then tweaking your favourite short-fill e-liquids with how much nicotine you need –

 that is if you even want nicotine! Short-fill bottles are flavour concentrates, so often have a much stronger flavour profile than other smaller, 

 ready-to-go bottles. This is because manufacturers expect them to be diluted down. We advise adding 10ml of flavourless e-liquid to combat this,

  which will enhance the shortfill so it doesn’t taste too strong. You can also add straight PG or straight VG (or even a combination of the two liquids –

   both have no nicotine) to combat this and ensure 'purer' taste found in the shortfill bottle is not too off-putting.

Information on how to become an expert mixer can be found on our site! This dilution will also help increase the lifespan of your coils as undiluted shortfills can burn out coils quickly. 

You can also shop our whole range of DIY mixing products including concentrates, equipment, PG & VG here.

Shortfills are readily available across vape shops and are frequently offered to patrons by proprietors who may wish to try them before they buy. One thing many vapers neglect to be concerned about is the ratio of YG to PG concentration in nicotine shots. If you find your sghortfill has a high vg or high pg, it make taste off when combined with nicotine. They’re not all the same. Ideally, vapers should use a nicotine shot with a PG/VG ratio that is the same as the e-liquid that they’re adding it to. One quick online search about shortfills will supply you with an overwhelming amount of results about shortfill calculators. Some of these will help you divide your quantities. Many of these calculators have shortcomings though and may be using data and metrics that are based outside the TPD.  Information about how to properly read these charts can be found on our site here.

100ml shortfills are particularly advantageous for sub-ohm vapers because these tanks typically go through far more juice than any other kits. These bottles of e-liquids last quite a while for users and are the most cost-effective option for those who enjoy the freedom of adding as much nicotine as they want. This is a particularly poignant desire for those who were heavy smokers and consumed nicotine at an above-average rate before they switched to vaping. As we all know, nicotine is addictive, so it can be hard to switch off those cravings, even when successful alternatives exist. As a result, having the choice to add your own nicotine means you have total control. If you feel that a higher nicotine strength e-liquid is better suited to your needs, you can make it happen.

It should be noted that while you may love a certain type of food, drink, or a particular flavour, sometimes these flavour profiles may not translate in the way you envisioned. We will always try our best to bring these realities to life. However, because of the nature of the medium, sometimes avid fans of certain flavour profiles may be left feeling underwhelmed that their shortfill did not match the real thing. We always listen and work tirelessly to tweak each of our products so they match up to the flavour we are trying to emulate. We will never put out a product that we feel is not an exact match. However, it’s all a matter of taste. So, when it comes to selecting a shortfill you love, it can sometimes be a process that takes time. We thrive on feedback and the process of bringing new flavours to life is what we live for.

So please get in touch with us if you’d love to see something new!

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