1.How can I buy your products?

Please fill out our contact form and someone will get back to you as soon as possible and help you with your questions.

2.Can I get more information to promote your product?

Certainly! Please email inquiry@lanavape.com and we will support you in promoting your products with a variety of marketing materials.

3.What is your wholesale price?

Please contact us and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

4. How can I become your wholesaler?
Please fill out our contact form or email inquiry@lanavape.com.
5. Why does LANAVAPE look different from other brands of vape?
Unlike most products that use metal casings and rubber coatings, which should not be put in your mouth, LANAVAPE uses an FAD certified food-grade casing to make your e-cigarette experience safe and hygienic, which is extremely rare on the market.
6. Is there anything special about the taste of LANAVAPE?
LANAVAPE has unparalleled flavor in all e-cigarette markets, each puff gives you a different puff experience and great satisfaction, just like you experience it yourself.
7. Will LANAVAPE surprise me in other ways?
In addition to the stylish and beautiful appearance, unparalleled flavor, and excellent battery performance, LANAVAPE can also bring you unexpected surprises, just one sip to meet all your needs in an instant.
8. How to use LANAVAPE products?
All LANAVAPE products are very simple, just open the package and use it.
9. The LANA device cannot be used for charging?
It may be that the battery has not been charged for a long time, so you can try to wipe the positive and negative electrodes of the device with paper first, then charge it with a cable for 15 minutes, and put the pod to see if it returns to normal.
10. Why does my LANAVAPE leak when I use it?
There are many factors that affect the leakage, which may be caused by damage during transportation, or it may be caused by the weather, the temperature is too high or too low, when you encounter this situation, don't worry, please contact us in time, We will give a reasonable solution.
11. What is the best way to store the LANA device when it is not in use?
It is best to fully charge the main unit and take out the cartridge, and place it horizontally in a dry and ventilated place to avoid emptying the battery or leaking oil, and avoid being touched by children.
12. How to know when the LANAVAPE disposable is empty?
If it is a non-rechargeable disposable LANAVAPE, when you can't spit out anything, it is empty. If it is a rechargeable disposable LANAVAPE, you can charge the device for half an hour before using it, if it still can't spit out Anything, it is empty.
13. How long can LANA POD last?
According to research, LANA POD can pump about 500puffs in normal use. If it is used more frequently, the number of times will be relatively reduced.
14. LANA DEVICE has power but can't suck?

You can try to take the pod out and wipe the pod with a clean tissue

the electrode and the mist outlet, let it sit for a few minutes before using it.

15. Is there a small drop of water on the LANA POD after use, is it leaking?
No, that is when the e-juice is in normal use, the atomized water vapor is adsorbed on it, and it only needs to be gently wiped off with paper.
16. Can it be carried on the plane?
If the pod and the device are placed separately, they can be carried on the plane, but be careful not to use it on the plane.
17. Can it be used lying down?
It is not recommended to use LANA's products while lying down, as this will result in insufficient atomization of the e-juice and the inability to emit mist.
18. Can it be used while charging?
It is not recommended to use it while charging, which can prevent the coil inside from being burned out and make the product unusable.
19. When is it best to use it?
It works best when you use it within a month or two of receiving the item.
20. Can LANA DEVICE use other brands of atomizers?
Only atomizers whose model and size can match LANA DEVICE can be used.

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