What is RDL vaping?
2 week ago

RTL stands for restricted direct lung vaping. Restricted Direct lung is a relatively new term and blurs the line between Mouth to Lung(MTL)

and Direct to Lung (DTL).

With Restricted Direct Lung (RDL) vaping, you are able to inhale in the same way as direct to lung, however, you don't require so much airflow over the coil.

RDL essentially gives you the best of both worlds, offering a flavour experience similar to DTL while offering a similar MTL throat sensation.

RDL vape kits, give you the ability to use higher PG vape juice in addition to 70% VG vape juices and offer a range of styles of vaping.

RDL coils provide boosted flavour as well as vapour production without using super powerful coils. This means the system uses less battery wattage,

less e liquid is burned, producing a stronger tasting flavour.